Sunday, October 26, 2008

October: Down syndrome Awareness Month (post #14)- Some books on Down syndrome

I wanted to use this post to share some of the books on Down syndrome that have been helpful to me so far along this path. But, first I must share a story with you about a book from the Jigsaw Jones Mystery series....

Luke has become an avid reader since entering the first grade and loves "chapter books". This last week he picked up one of the books from the Jigsaw Jones Mystery series from his school library. We began reading it but really didn't get too far. Luke announced Thursday afternoon that his book needed to be returned Friday morning and he wouldn't be able to check it out again until after a week (school policy I guess?!?), so, "Mom, we HAVE to read it TONIGHT!" is what I was told. Anyway, Thursday turned out to be quite a busy day and before we knew it the day had come to a close with both Luke and I falling asleep in my bed watching TV...without reading ANY of his book. For some reason I woke up at about midnight, checked in on everyone, and began checking in on some of by blogging friends. Still up at 1:52, I heard little feet coming out to the family room...Luke had woken up and was trying to tell me through tears and squeaks in his voice that we forgot to read his book. I tried to explain that there were 11 chapters in the book and that we were only on chapter #4, so there was NO WAY we would be able to read it all! But, the tears continued to fall and the look of disappointment was just too much for me to bear. So, I told him we would try reading to see how far we could get. It was 1:52 in the morning for goodness sakes so I thought I'd read a chapter and my sweet one would be sound asleep again. Never underestimate Luke! He dried his tears and became bright eyed as we read....EVERY chapter in that darn book! Yes, we defeated all odds and I surprised myself by becoming a speed reader and sped through the seven chapters that remained! At 2:36 I tucked Luke back in bed, who was clutching his book and had a smirk of satisfaction on his face at this wee hour of the thrilled that he could turn his book back into the library, FULLY READ! As for mom...well I was dragging all day Friday but had a smirk on my face as well...savoring the fact that these are the little moments in parenting that you don't forget.

Okay, now for books on Down syndrome that I have found to be great... I know there are many others out there that I may not list or be aware of, so if you are reading this post and have a book that you would like to share about, please do so in the comment section for us all to benefit from! :)

Babies with Down syndrome A New Parents' Guide. This was the first book I was given by my mother-in-law and I found it very helpful. I later received quite a few copies and started giving the extras to family members...who later commented that they appreciated having the book as well so they had a better understanding what Down syndrome was and how to better support us. 

Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Down syndrome Enrich Their Lives. Every parent with a child with Down syndrome needs this book, but especially brand new families, as it offers such hope and encouragement!! This book was again another one given to me by mother-in-law. She, who is a labor and delivery nurse, has since bought numerous Gifts books and keeps them on hand in her locker at work. Every time a new baby with Down syndrome is born in her hospital, the family is gifted this very special book from a "grandmother" who all too well knows the heartache and joy that comes with these sweet new ones!!

Books on speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy related topics that I like are; Communication Skills in Children with Down syndrome by Libby Kumin, Gross Motor Skills in Children with Down syndrome by Patricia Winders, and Fine Motor Skills for Children with Down syndrome by Maryanne Bruni. 

Other great books; Road Map to Holland by  Jennifer Graf Groneberg, Expecting Adam by Martha Beck, Being the Other One by Kate Strohm, and Count Us In by Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz


Kele said...

It doesn't get much better than your story about Luke. What an amazing mommy you are.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Brought tears to my eyes your story about Luke. Thank you for reminding me that it's the little things that matter most.

Nan P. said...

I admire Luke: he knows what matters, he will go far.

As for the books, I started reading "Babies with DS A New Parent's Guide" while Cathal was in hospital at the very begining, borrowing his mammy's one. Bought my own later. It is a good one, simple, precise, easy to tap in and out.

And I agree with you, members of the extended family should be informed too, so important!

Nice post.

SunflowerMom said...

Your story about reading to Luke is just adorable! I can't believe you both stayed awake till the end!

You listed several of my favorites on ds. Especially Gifts. ;)