Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Time.... A Breakfast Kidnap Kickoff

School has been out for 2 weeks now, hard to believe! Nothing compares to the joy of knowing that you have the whole summer ahead of you... of long, lazy days filled with warm weather, and options a plenty of fun to fill them with! However, to christen that first day of summer for our boys, a few moms and myself "kidnapped" them early in the morning and took them all out to breakfast in their jammies, moms too. The sneaky plan was this.... we met at the first house and kidnapped the boys while they were sleeping, then went on to the next house, and so on to do the same. As our number of kidnap victims grew...the boys began helping us wake each next child up... and I could hear them say, "Who's our next victim???" with laughter and excitement as they raced out of the house to the car to head to the next house... 22 of us later invaded IHOP ;)

I am not sure what qualifies more for bravery, us moms in our jammies out in public or by us having so many kids sit at their own table at the restaurant! ....either way it was so fun and made for a great memory for our boys...and a great kickoff to summer festivities!!

What prompted this breakfast kidnap bonanza was a memory I had of my Girl Scout troop moms kidnapping my friends and I when we were little....that fun memory always stuck with me... now years later I can say it was equally fun to be the kidnapper! ;)

Plus...what could be a better way to kick off "Camp Intentional, take II"?? Yes, lol, that phrase is floating about around here again this summer... more about Camp Intentional here. :)