Friday, October 3, 2008

October: Down syndrome Awareness Month (post #2)-Gifts video

This video speaks for itself and brings a tear to my eye every time I see it. Reid..."Your loving is a miracle, how deeply you're connected to my soul" all of us. You ARE beautiful and we love you!

*Note: you will need to turn the music off down below on my playlist before viewing.


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Crying....thanks for sharing. It's a beautiful montage.

Heather said...

Great choice for your latest post.Beautiful isn't it?So beautiful ...aren't they all?

Kele said...

I do so love this video, can watch it over and over and cry buckets each time.

Nan P. said...

Hello Cheri,

I came across your blog a few days ago, and took time on this sunny Sunday morning in Ireland to read all your posts. Your messages of love and hope are heart-warming. Both your boys are so beautiful. The love and complicity between shows in the photos.

My grand-son Cathal - pronounced Ca-Hal, Irish name ;-) – was born last March, and diagnosed with DS and 3 very serious congenital heart defects. He had closed-heart surgery at 6 weeks of age, and we are waiting for the Big One early next year. The photos you posted on the 1st anniversary of Reid’s surgery did me good! Thank you.

Cathal's birth is the most amazing thing to happen to me since the birth of my own two children, and has turned my life up-side down in the most positive way.

Please come and visit my blog, or his mammy’s (my daughter) called Cathal’s Big Adventure (the link to it is on my own blog).

Will keep reading you!

Pascale – aka Nan P.

Stephanie said...

oh yes, she would surely fit in ;)

Your boys are adorable!!!!
Thank you so much for your kind words, they put tears in my eyes!
I am very excited now to watch your Reid (and Luke) grow up! Thank you for dropping a line!