Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October: Down syndrome Awareness Month (post #4)- Presidential Debate

Okay so this "awareness" post runs along the lines of ... "Be aware of what your children are doing while you are trying to watch the Presidential Debate". This evening our house was nice and quiet, both Toby and I were watching the debate and I happened to glance around the family room to do my motherly check in on the boys who were being awfully quiet themselves... Luke was studiously working at the table putting his spelling words in ABC order, but as for the shortest one in the house...Reid was sitting on the floor rubbing something vigorously into our wood floors... umm, when I went closer to investigate to my despair I found this little one... who had not been feeling too well the last few days...big sigh, rubbing his hands into...barf. Not good "my friends" (a little political humor). Ughhh...so off to the tub he went..and NO, no pictures to accompany this post...it didn't quite feel like a kodak moment!!! :) :)


Heather said...

Sure hope that it was a one time fluky thing and that the little guy sleeps well.Have to say me and the stomach bug ....not friends.Will send good vibes your way that nothing comes of it.

Kele said...

What?!?! No picture... LOL!
Aaaah, sweet boy, give him plenty of 'feel good kisses' from us please!

Jeanette said...

Being quiet is NEVER a good sign. I am glad that you are going the 31 for 21. It is a great idea. I loved your story about your beginnings in the journey of DS.

Nan P. said...

I suppose that puts a whole new slant on the term “having a political view”.


Karen said...

Cheri, thank you for posting on my blog. You are a dear. You have a lovely family! Children with Down Syndrome do change our lives, dont they? - in such an amazing way!

Please try emailing me again - I didnt get it the first time. Thank you! Karen :)