Friday, October 17, 2008

October: Down syndrome Awareness Month (post #10)- Low immunity with Ds

All is well again in Luke's world. He survived the flu shot trauma as I explained in post #9. He opted for the flu nasal mist after all instead of the shot. He did great! But poor little Reid, he didn't come out of the office unaffected. He left with two tweety bird band aids, one for each leg as he had to have some immunizations today.

I had mentioned that we all needed to get the flu shot around here to help protect Reid. For those that are not familiar with Down syndrome, one of the characteristics is a low immune system, making individuals with Down syndrome more prone to infections, respiratory infections being particularly worrisome. A respiratory infection is usually a viral or bacterial infection of the nasal passages, throat, bronchial tubes, or lungs. Because they also have low muscle tone it makes it difficult to cough productively or handle oral secretions. Respiratory infections are more often seen in children who also have congenital heart defects and complications like congestive heart failure and excess fluid in the lungs. Reid has been hospitalized twice for respiratory infections and coupled with his own heart complications we need to take every precaution to make sure we keep him as healthy as possible. 

I have added a picture of the two boys playing Nintendo DS after their outing to the Dr. office...neither look worse for the wear! :)


SunflowerMom said...

Love the expression on Reid's face! Glad the dr trip was too terrible!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

That must be what Diego is talking about. He told me the other day he wants Santa to bring him the DS. I had no idea what he was talking about. He has a leapster but this must be much "cooler" than the leapster :)!!!! Need to put it on the list :)!!!

Kele said...

Okay sweet friend, this comes from a loving place, but, 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TELLING A 7 YEAR OLD ABOUT AN UPCOMING SHOT?!?!!?' LOL!
So glad it all went well, we went with the mist this year too... Gotta love it!!
Here's to getting through the cudie season without any hitches this year, for BOTH are precious little ones!!!

Jeanette said...

Ugh, shots! We go tomorrow for another round of immunizations. I am not so fond of those visits.