Sunday, October 12, 2008

October: Down syndrome Awareness Month (post #7)-It's a Small World!

If you have wondered why I have been titling every post this month October:Down syndrome Awareness month.. well it is partly because it is...but secondly because on October 1st when I posted my first note I instantly had 16 different countries pop onto my blog. I was up really late, so I thought my eyes were going buggy on me. I looked again and sure enough I had all these beautiful flags come up on my Live Traffic Feed down below. I was so 6 degrees of separation had just gone international!! :) It was about 1:30 in the morning but I had to share this with Toby so woke him up. We couldn't figure out what I had done other than title the post Down syndrome Awareness Month... so now it is hard for me not to put that same title each time in hopes that Japan, Sweden, Afghanistan, Ireland, Tokyo, Canada, Germany, Italy and the others would come back for a visit. It made me think of the song It's a Small World. It truly is amazing how Reid's extra 21st chromosome has made this world smaller for our family... and I find it so beautiful to be connected to others in countries and states I would of never otherwise had contact with.

If you are one of those new friends that popped on from another country, or a faithful friend that follows this blog... come back again for post #8 because I need your input for a brand new family I just met who has a 3 week old son who also happens to have Down syndrome. But, for now enjoy It's A Small World...Disneyland style.

Note: You need to pause the music down below first, on my playlist, before viewing the video.


Lisa said...

Cheri, I love your blog :) Reid is such a handsome little guy! I found you through my blog. You are right, the Buddy Walk in my area is at Angel Stadium . . . so we must live fairly close to one another. I still don't know if we will be attending the BW or not, but I would love to hook up with you. Maybe we could meet at a park or have coffee sometime. You can contact me at if you'd like to :)

Kele said...

And btw, so I am not from one of those cool international, exotic places but won't you still consider moving here??? We could start arranging Reid and Pres' wedding over coffee on the patio each morning!!

Cheri said...

Let's start arranging it anyway!!! :)

Heather said...

Okay,loved the Small World ride when I came to visit as a child and now that I live here, still love it!I see there is another So Cal mommy near by.Combo coffee maybe?Sorry we will heading to Buddy Walk in LA on the 2nd.Would have been nice to see you there.And Kele ..... step away from the little guy ....we have had our eyes on him for awhile!

Nan P. said...

Cheri, that is the beauty of technology: Google Alerts with a few key words, et voila! It allowed me to discover you, and others.

Yes, our world is so very small, yet so very rich!

I look out for your "Awareness" posts every day, they are great!