Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Potty Goggles....

Potty goggles are the new thing in my house! They came about quite by accident and quite spontaneously.....and are my newest attempt to get my littlest love fully potty trained... once. and. for. all!!! This little rascal can use the potty...he knows how to use the potty... but he resists. You ask him if he has to go to the potty and he replies, "No fanks"....or quite curtly exclaims, "I dry!!" when it is quite evident that his pull up is bursting at the seams with peeps.

The other day I popped him on the potty and he kept trying to get I had to pull something out of my arsenal of tricks. Out of nowhere I decided to do the o'l turn your hands into goggles thing and I heard myself say the words..."Look at my pee pee goggles, mommy wants to see the pee pee in the potty" Seriously know a mom is in a state of MEGA desperation when she is saying words like..."Pee pee goggles" and "Let me see the pee pee...". BUT..... I got a giggle out of him. You get the kiddo to giggle and he is putty in your hands.... he stopped trying to squirm off the toilet and lo and behold he honored my wishes and through my fisted goggles pee pee was spotted and he was very proud of himself. Brother heard the commotion and of course he too had to make the fisted goggles....which then led itself to a basket of real goggles now ready for its purpose when the "need" arises!

We shall see how long this will far so good! A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G...... to get this milestone checked off our list! ;)

Help a sistah out, I'd love to hear what is in your.... arsenal of potty training tricks!!

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