Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the Tooth Fairy a Pinch!

Sooooo.... I must confess never been this desperate before but this is what the tooth fairy does around here in a pinch, if she has no cash on hand and one of her "littles" in her home has lost a tooth. The note below...a staple from a tooth fairy visit...she always leaves a personal note and it must always be cut into the shape of a tooth and securely placed under the pillow. Now, my 9 year old I am sure no longer believes in the tooth fairy but he let it be known when he did not receive a "tooth note" on one occasion when that poor tooth fairy was much too tired in the middle of the night to bang one of these babies out. .... but here goes tonight's version and we'll see in the morning how he reacts to the "gift card" LOL. My Luke is a very particular "tooth looser".... once that tooth fairy thought it would be really cool to have him wake up to $5 in quarters under his pillow, you know.... what kid would not like to wake up to a mound of change?? Well.... that particular endeavor backfired because he woke up the morning and marched right into our room and announced, "That's it, from now on I only accept bills....the tooth fairy ripped me off!!!" He insisted that she took the quarters from his dresser where he had left a stash of change he had been collecting.... but honestly she did not borrow any of his quarters, honest!! I.... I mean, she, had money that night! ;)


Dear Luke,

Wow, how exciting that

you lost your first molar all on

your own! I think your mouth

looks kinda cool with all those

gaps in them. For a 1st lost molar

I like to do something different

than the usual $5 under your pillow,

I like to buy the child breakfast….

so here is a Starbucks gift card,

I have been told that you like their

breakfast sausage sandwiches and

orange juice there, so go enjoy it

this morning on me. Be sure to

keep brushing and flossing your

teeth! I’m sure I’ll be back again

soon. Say hi to your brother for me.


The Tooth Fairy


Sunday, April 24, 2011


oops.... we had an "eggs busting out of the bottom catastrophe" ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Reid Shoots His Own Video.... on the iPad

We recently bought Reid an iPad for therapy purposes...and I must say it has been THE BEST investment we have made. I will post more about it later...but wanted to share this video real quick that HE made that we had no idea about until this morning..... We've had the iPad for about 2 weeks and he is very self sufficient with it so often we will prop him up in our bed or on the couch with it safely secured on his we are not always with him when he is playing on his favorite applications. Well this morning we kept hearing the same sound being played over and over again this morning from our room.... we walked in to discover that he was re-playing this video that he must have shot last week sometime because I cannot even remember when he had that sweatshirt on last! We just stood there and looked at each other and then busted up! So...... not only can this guy play independently on his favorite apps and is becoming quite good at them...but apparently he is a budding videographer to boot! goes our Reid, taping his own mini video with his family none the wiser in the other room! .....little stinker!! :)