Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Overnighter...On a School Night...at the Aquarium???

Yep! Last night Luke and I had the opportunity to stay the night...at the aquarium. Like as in literally slept in sleeping bags on the floor amongst the fish tanks, jelly fish, and the really cool leafy sea dragons.

What could be better in an 8 year olds life....all while on a school night? I must say I do not think I ever slept anywhere other than my own home on a school night growing up... ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Little Sunshine for World Down Syndrome Day


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Watch CNN International at 1:00 today PST....or 4:00 EST

Just a super quick post.... CNN International is airing a live segment on a beautiful woman who just recently had a beautiful baby girl named Nella who happens to have Down syndrome. Many of you reading this already know about Kelle and her blog...particularly her birth story, which could not be any more raw and honest and well...tear jerking because I related so well with her words and emotions as she learned of her baby's diagnosis...okay so I actually was body shake bawled through it! ;)..but that's not the point, the point is that literally thousands and thousands of people have found her blog from all over the world and CNN caught wind of it and well, today she will be featured! BTW....little Nella is still just weeks old, that's how fresh and amazing all of this is.

CNN asked for comments and questions to be posted to their site and well CNN you little stinker you, you didn't post my comment, it didn't make the ranks I suppose, maybe perhaps because my comment contained the A word...abortion. I mentioned in my note how touched I have been by the comments people have left on her birth story post...beautiful, heart wrenching, encouraging comments by people who have not even been touched in some way by Down syndrome but somehow by sweet little Nella's birth she has given people a window into seeing beauty for the first time, instead of stereotypes.

I then went on to say that perhaps my favorite comments have been by women who have just recently received a diagnosis of Down syndrome for the baby they were carrying and that by reading Kelle's story they have found strength to carry on with their pregnancy. That is so huge because...and here comes the A word which probably got me knocked out of the running to be published, but I noted that over 90% of these babies are aborted. To me that number is not a pro-life or pro-abortion issue, but I believe it to be an "I am scared and misinformed" issue. Not to say that it isn't scary and heartbreaking,
at first. I was right there, believe me. However, I soo wish that families just receiving a diagnosis would not only receive facts about Down syndrome but that it would be coupled with exposure to families who are raising children with Down syndrome, to see the whole picture...to see beyond the initial diagnosis. To me the 90% number says that there is still the thought that our children are burdens, but if you ask a parent who is raising a child with Down syndrome you would not hear us say that, quite the opposite.... Giving exposure to the world through little Nella just might help make that happen. Soooo, CNN even though you didn't publish my comment ;) I am ever so grateful you saw beauty in this story, in this life as so many of us do!

...And in closing I said, that I was looking forward to watching and cheering on another mom wearing wooden shoes (a Welcome to Holland reference)... seriously, I thought that was a kicky kind of way to end my thoughts..a shoo in to be published...I am not bitter though, I'm not, really! ;)

Okay...so go set your DVR's or watch it live on CNN International! (that's channel 105 for those with Verizon Fios)

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snow Day at School

Recently at school Reid and his little friends had a "Snow Day" where the school had a company come and drop off loads and loads of snow for the kids to play in. Reid eventually loved it, but was a little unsure of what to do at first...he kept saying, "Oh no, oh no!!" because he had snow all over his boots. But, Reid quickly learned to throw snowballs, make snow angels and I think his favorite by a long shot was eating the snow...good thing we were the first group of kids out there!

Just a little side note...his little Mickey Mouse gloves were big brother Luke's...who must have been 3 and a few months himself when he saw those in the grocery store and BEGGED me to buy those for him, I had said no at first but then Luke burst into tears and said, "PWEEEASSE Momma, I need dem for Uncle Kebin's cabin". And, well that did it, they then found their way into the basket...I love hand me downs for the shear fact of the memories they evoke! BTW...At the point of Mickey glove purchase my brother Kevin had just begun the very long process of building a cabin for his family all on his own with spare time on weekends, holidays and summer vacations...and he is just about done...hooray! So, Mickey.... you just might make your way up the mountains after all...just 6 years later than you thought ;), but you have been so useful at both Luke's and Reid's "Snow Day's" at school over the years.

Hmnnn, this tastes kinda good!

WHOA, SNOW!!!!!!!!

Throwing snow balls at his teacher

My little snow angel


Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Butterfly's Birthday...

Today we got to celebrate a sweet little friend's 3rd birthday...Zoey Grace. The party theme: Butterflies..... and I must say Zoey was the most precious and adorable butterfly I've ever seen....adorning wings she has most certainly earned over the last three years! I wish I had better pictures to show off her little outfit, mine don't do it justice, but I am sure her mommy does over on her blog. Zoey is....just....sooo....cute!!

As I was driving out to meet up with them....I was thinking about how amazing this blogworld is in that because of it I was able to meet Heather probably a year and a half ago through our blogs. Not sure how I found her blog initially....a click here, a hop over there, and before I knew it I had found Heather and Zoey and I was hooked and Little Wonders became one of the first blogs I began following. I love that Reid and Zoey are just 2 months apart, it adds to the kindredness I feel for the Needham family...in that 3 years ago all of our lives changed in amazing ways, placed on a similar course, and thankfully our lives intersected and I have so enjoyed being connected! I have secret dreams of Reid and Zoey going to the prom together one day! ;) ...afterall he was one of the the first boys to come a calling, see here.

Today was a lot of fun for many reasons....one being able to meet Heather's older daughters....I am sure it feels weird to them to have people "know" them without really "knowing them" but if you've read even a few of Heather's blog posts you would fall in love with them as well...such beautiful, strong, and caring women. It was fun to see them and to exchange hugs. And guess who else I got to meet...baby Charlotte! She is just perfectly scrumptious! ...and then the boys. There have been times when I've wanted to reach my hands through the computer and connect them with Luke because they are all at such similar ages I could just picture them all getting along so well. And....I think Luke's red face is indication enough of how much fun he had. When we got to the party the boys were outside playing a game and before I knew it Luke said, "Bye Mom...I'm going to go play" I guess he didn't need introductions (you gotta love childhood) and I didn't see him again until cake time and then back out to play with a, "Mom, give me 20 more minutes!" each time he saw me come out to try and rally him to head home.

Today was also fun for the added bonus and added blessing of meeting up with other blogging moms I have loved following, Denise and Ella Grace, and Lacey and Jax and meeting her husband and boys (Lacey I think my Luke and your Carter could pass for brothers if not twins!). We also got to meet Gwendolyn's beautiful family, though they left before any of us thought to get everyone together for a picture....but it was a pleasure to meet them!

....I have to make a little confession for my youngest especially since there is evidence in the picture above, Reid got a little naughty at the party and when Denise and I tried to get a picture of him and Ella together he started with a charming little smile and then proceeded to reach over and grab Ella....gulp...on the face....gulp....really hard...resulting in scratches and blood, sigh. (Denise, I feel just terrible!) Poor Ella!

Maybe it was all this frosting licking that stirred up the naughties?!? Apparently "Reid style" of eating cupcakes is without hand use....and licking all frosting first, all while never letting go of the tight grip he had on the buttered roll!

What?? You calling me naughty???

Zoey....Luke and Reid think you threw a pretty fun party!! Thanks for the invite!