Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Verbal Throw Up Session

So, I went to have my hair cut and highlighted a mom that is one of the most luxurious escapes. A few hours of pampering and reading gossip magazines and as luck would have it this salon was handing out mimosas today..."Why thank you I believe I will have one...and another..." and before you know it you are a little tipsy and you say "yes" to every "a la carte treatment" and your bill goes through the roof ;). Hmnnn, the alcohol was probably a pretty ingenious marketing scheme now that I think about it... oh well, made for a great day. Except....after 4 hours of being gone I came home and Luke's first words were, "You look exactly the same as when you left". Note to self: educate Luke on words to say to a woman when she comes home from a day at the salon. ;) why all this talk about the salon? Well, this was a new gal I went to today and so there is always the "get to know you" banter.... and when the question came up about whether I had children I conscientiously said I had 2 boys who are 9 and 4 and left it at that. Usually I verbally throw up and explain that Reid has Down syndrome and a conversation ensues about it. But, I conscientiously decided that I was not required to say it so I left it at that. But, you know what I found that I wasn't settled with that... I wanted to share it and later in the conversation it did come up and she did ask questions and somehow that felt better. I don't know why that is... is it that I am just a chronic "verbal throw up-er" or is it that I wanted her to know because she was young and not married and I remember being oblivious to anything other than my "fairytale" life dreams at her age and I liked the idea of her having exposure to knowing someone who has a child with special needs because who knows what is in her future or her friends futures, it is likely one of them will have a child with special needs and I like the idea of her having some point of reference of someone who is in that place and they are not shattered...but madly in love with their children and their life.

I remember when Reid was born I thought about a woman who had children at the preschool I had worked at in college, nearly 20 years prior. Her youngest who was probably only about 9 months at that time had Down syndrome. I never talked to her, her kids were in a different class but I remember watching her... I watched her love on that little guy and she seemed so peaceful. Not sure why she stuck out to me at that time but she did. I remember seeing her at the grocery store once too, just she and that little guy in the cart with his little almond shaped eyes. I remember thinking about how put together she was and I admired the quiet strength I guess I saw in her....she had no idea who I was and would have absolutely no way of knowing that on the day my son was born I had images in my mind of her and drew strength from what I saw in her.

So there it was today...a gal, a mimosa, a little trim, a few bright highlights....and a verbal barf session. Sounds about right to start a long weekend with! ;)

...and as for the children I'm madly in love with.... here ya have it.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are still alive... I promise ;)

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Where does the time go? We are still alive...posting pictures to prove it! ;)

So many things to post about but not enough energy at the end of the day...

but quick highlights from our home:

Reid turned 4 end of December and I swear it is as if he woke up the morning of his birthday and!! Lots of rambles but with many hand gestures and at least 2 to 4 words you can make out...he is trying so hard to tell stories and he is hysterical. Very exciting stuff.

My childhood friend's husband flew me up to Seattle to surprise her for her 40th birthday...
there will be a post just on this because 1) it was deliciously fun to surprise the heck out of her AND to have a girls weekend away with no responsibilities 2) I want to share with you about the present I had made for her out of her daughter's baby clothes she had forgotten she had given me "in case" we ever had a girl... posting a picture as a teaser but in the mean time DON'T GIVE YOUR BABY CLOTHES AWAY... ;) wait until I tell you about the blankets you can have made with them.

Luke played a duet and solo in a guitar recital with his buddy ....he was also invited onto an all-star soccer team this winter to play as their goalie...he loved it!

Reid decided to "chuck" his glasses out the car window while driving down the road...but never fear "Dad" came to the rescue and found each lens and mangled frames in the road while dodging cars...they are now our "back up pair" ...Note to Self: engage the kid lock on the back windows!

Most recently, I was asked to be C0-Chair for the first ever Southern California Best Buddies 5K Walk which will happen on May 7th....much more to come on this as well. Check out their website...they are nationally and internationally represented. Such an awesome organization!

....and here are a few photos of my "newly 4 year old" and my "guitar-slash-soccer-slash-baseball season starting guy"


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