Saturday, September 20, 2008

"I'm Gonna Sit by That Baby!!"

Last night we spent our evening at California Adventure... we love that we are so close that we can often frequent California Adventure or Disneyland for a few hours of escape. However, we have never been much of "parade people" until last night... 

We usually use parade time to enjoy rides when the lines tend to be a little shorter, but last night we decided to sit and watch the parade and I am so glad we did, I guarantee you we will now be searching out parades. I only wish I had taken pictures!! When Reid first heard the music approaching he started to get excited and began to move his arms up and down a little bit but when he saw the characters it was all over... he stood up and started waving hi with both hands and making sounds only he could interpret...he then blew kisses and continued with the arms going crazy. He was so excited...and he got A LOT of attention. As the characters came by there were very few that did not come over and high five him or say hi. In fact, he got so much attention that a little girl who was sitting several people over from us said, "I'm gonna sit by that baby!!" and she joined us for the remainder of the parade. :)

It did my heart good to see him so engaged and excited. It was funny though because there were times I could see this look on the faces of a few of the parade participants/characters who realized he had Down syndrome, right there in the middle of their performance, and the looks on their face was this sort of, "ohhh", a nice, kind "ohhh" with a sweet smile, but definitely an awareness that he stood out (I don't know if that makes sense). I actually was very touched by the sweet smiles and the attention they gave was encouraging, but there were times I used to be very sensitive to this. There have been times I have caught people staring at us, at him, and the momma bear in me wanted to pull him close to me and then kick those people, hard, as I walked by. I am sure they were only trying to register what his diagnosis was if they weren't familiar with Down syndrome, or who knows what, but still I felt sensitive and didn't want the looks. My husband has always encouraged me to just walk proud and show people how much we love him. And, of course he is right...because I am Reid's advocate, his protector, and his vessel to show people how lovely, capable, and amazing he is...extra chromosome and all. So, I don't desire to kick people hard anymore...but walk as the proud mommy that I am, of both of my boys. 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Normal "little guy" stuff!!!

It has been awhile since I last posted and wanted to show you what Reid has been up to. I recently signed Reid up for some classes through our city's parks and recreation department. And... it feels so great to be out with him doing normal "little guy" stuff... stuff I did with Luke when he was this age. Since Reid's birth we have been busy with Dr. appointments, off to see specialists, and have had therapists come into our home almost daily to help him meet his fine and gross motor skills milestones. He has needed all of these things and we have been blessed with amazing therapists, but I was missing this part of parenting...being out doing normal stuff. He was finally ready and as you can see he is having a great time...and so is mommy! The pictures you see posted are from Reid's class this week....he LOVES the dancing and singing and seeing little friends...and did you notice he is standing in the middle of the room all by himself...and sporting new little Vans? He just started standing by himself without holding onto anything last week...and he has even taken a step today!! :) I think we are on our way to walking. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School... & Being the Bottom of the Food Chain

Today was Luke's first day of school. I really missed my little pal! On our way to school he leaned over and whispered to me, "Mom, did you know that I'm at the bottom of the food chain??". I couldn't retain my laughter and had to share with Toby who's tender response was... "No, buddy you are a first grader you're at the second to the bottom of the food chain! :)". Lovely! Luke's second item of concern was that there is a little boy in his class this year who told Luke last June out on the playground that he would "pound him" if Luke went near a certain girl they both had a crush on (have you seen my Luke?? It's not likely he'll be the one "pounded on"). Anyway, good news....Luke informed us this afternoon that that little boy went right up to him today and said, "You wanna be friends?". All is well in a first grader's life!

Reid enjoyed himself today too...trying out the monkey bars!

Summer Days...Where Did They Go?

It is always sad to say goodbye to the long warm days of say goodbye to lazy "wear your PJs all day" kind of days (or just
diapers as Reid preferred)...but we sure enjoyed our time! We visited family in Alabama, camped in the Sequoias, visited an aquarium, the zoo, many parks, tried to see a movie in the theatre but Reid, well...let's just say if we had not left promptly he would of provoked angry patrons to start throwing popcorn! We enjoyed sleep overs, Luke's Ninja birthday party, backyard camp outs with friends, lots of swimming...and oh yes, the Wii joined our family this summer. Here are a few pictures from our 2008 summer... I especially love this one with Luke and the orangutan at the zoo!!