Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We are loved!!

Yesterday we had a surprise visitor at the hospital once Reid was out of surgery... I have mentioned on my blog before about a cardiologist who came into our lives the day Reid was born. Not only were we initially impressed with his ability to draw a diagram of our son's heart and the details of its defects upside down on a hospital paper towel (we still have that paper towel by the way, I used to carry it around with me because I always got so tongue tied trying to explain to people about Reid's heart) but more importantly he was the first person besides family to look us in our eyes and congratulate us on our son. He walked us through this new journey of a child with a heart condition and was always reassuring and encouraging. He walked us through our first heart surgery and I must say we felt Reid was in such good hands under his care. This past summer he took a position at a different hospital so we are now under different doctor. But....even though we have not seen him in months, even though he is no longer Reid's cardiologist, even though this hospital was now out of his way........he showed up to check on our Reid. How is that for care?? Dr. Loo we were so deeply touched, not only will you always be our favorite cardiologist but a friend for life.

Okay so that was yesterday....


A respiratory therapist came into our room to thank us for the turkey wraps. I told him he had the wrong family. He said, "no this is Reid's room right?" I said, "yes, but maybe they were from someone who had the last name Reid". He smiled and said, "hang on...I want to show you something". He handed me the piece of paper pictured here and tears began to run down my face...

To: NICU Nurses, especially those caring for Reid

From: The Grizzlies (on behalf of Cheri and Toby)

Please take care of our littlest cub, as well as mom, dad, and brother. (Please make sure Toby and Cheri get some food also)

The Grizzlies

I had a lump in my throat as I tried to explain to him and now 3 other nurses in our room who the Grizzlies were. I met an amazing group of moms when Luke was in preschool. Many of the boys had been in the same preschool classes for a couple of years. When Pre-K ended and everyone was going on to different schools in the area for kindergarten we decided to try and keep our boys together and bonded by registering an Adventure Guide Group through the local YMCA. The preschool our children went to was known in the neighborhood as "Teddy Bear Preschool" because it had a big wooden teddy bear out front. So, since our "teddy bears" were moving on and growing bigger we decided to graduate them to "Grizzlie Bears" hence the name, The Grizzlies, for our group. The Grizzlies along with other family and friends joined us for our local Buddy Walk in November, which is where the picture is from. Grizzlie boys and your fantastic moms... you blessed us so much today by this incredibly kind gesture!!!! And, you helped us score points with the staff...always a good thing!!

Also thank you to everyone for the prayers, comments, phone calls, emails, and home cooked meals that have been bestowed upon us by you all!!

We are feeling so loved!! THANK YOU!!!!


Candee said...

Cheri i am so grateful that you have angels...or Grizzlies..watching over you.

SunflowerMom said...

Aww, that made me cry! You are so blessed in many ways! Sounds like your family is in good hands. Heal well, Reid!

Anonymous said...

Please know that we are praying for your family and especially for Baby Reid.
I know the Lord is with you all!
We look forward to Reid's recovery and seeing him soon!
God Bless you!