Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank you for checking in on our little Reid!

We have been loving being home from the hospital!!! I believe the first 5 days we literally stayed in bed and watched movies all day just trying to get caught up on lost sleep. It has been so nice to snuggle with our littlest guy without all the wires and beeping sounds going off at all hours!

Thank you to our faithful family and friends for checking in regularly on our little heart patient! Your visits, comments, words of encouragement, and prayers meant more to us than any of you will ever know! Truly...we are speechless and humbled by the love we felt during that time with Reid in the hospital!

Reid's follow up appointments have gone well. He will have another echocardiogram in a month to see how things are managing, but he seems to be recovering well. Although....I rushed him to the pediatrician today in a fluster because he seemed out of sorts....diagnosis from the doctor... "Well, honey I think he's just a little gassy!". Red faced..."Ok, thank you very much we'll be on our way now"... :) Gassy I can handle, it's the leaky valves that throw me over the edge!

Below are a few pictures from the hospital I never got around to posting. The one on the top cracks me up because if they had any reservations as to whether to release him from the hospital I think this guy was going to make a run for it..whether they liked it or not!

Reid got a chance to pet one of the volunteer therapy dogs.


hjoy said...

Love the "trying to escape" picture, so cute. Very happy to hear Reid is doing well. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas

Addie-tude said...

YAY!!! So glad Reid is home. Now you can celebrate Christmas and you have a lot to celebrate. Have a blessed Christmas.

Nan P. said...

Reid, you a such a cute and fun kid! You look like the life and soul of any party, at home, in the hospital, where ever!

I hope that Santa is good to you, you deserce it!

.... and tell your Mummy that I could read her Irish accent no problem... it's probably better than my own (a lot of French colouring in it!)

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Missed you Reid!!! Thank you for the update. Love that little guy!!!

jazzygal said...

Glad to hear your little boy Reid is doing well. Must have been a very worrying time for you.

Relax now and enjoy your 2 beautiful boys! And may you have a very healthy 2009.

Becca said...

Oh wow, I've been so out of it. I didn't realize Reid was in the hospital. He looks fabulous, and I'm so happy he was home in time for Christmas! Glad to hear he's doing so well.