Monday, December 8, 2008

Reid Maddux Foreman- His namesake retires from professional baseball today

Our little Reid's full name is Reid Maddux Foreman. I write about this today because today his namesake happens to be retiring from major league baseball. The Maddux comes from baseball giant and pitcher, Greg Maddux. Both of our boys' middle names are after professional baseball pitchers, Luke's being Ryan after Nolan Ryan. Hmmm...this could have a little something to do with Toby's love of baseball and maybe a little something to do with him pitching for the Seattle Mariner's Minor League, before throwing his arm out and needing the Tommy John surgery. :)

We love baseball around here. We have found 2 incredible baseball families who also have children with Down syndrome and have each respectfully started their own amazing foundations to support and educate. Pujols Family Foundation and Team Up for Down Syndrome. If you are interested click on the names and you will be taken to their sites. These sites were some of the first we found when we first began our own search for support and education after learning of Reid's diagnosis. Actually, side note here....just coincidentally my mother-in-law was one of the labor and delivery nurses in the room when Rex Hudler's (Team Up for Down syndrome) son was born with Down syndrome. Funny, how things happen.

Quick update on our littlest baseball player's progress...We saw glimpses of hope today. Our cardiologist came in this morning, he had been off yesterday and did not get to see the echo until today. He indicated that he actually thought the echo did indeed look better than the one dictating the need to look into surgery #3. What???? Wow!!!! Not what we had been told yesterday. No doubt we were thrilled to hear that! We remain cautiously optimistic as we still need to see what the new echo shows tomorrow and then what the team decides when they meet Wednesday to discuss the possibilities. We were given hope today that my original option #1 might still be a possibility after all! Thank you for your prayers.....they are felt!!


Kele said...

Oh Cheri! I am sooo pleased to hear that news. I will keep the prayers coming and anxiously await to hear more!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled!!! I totally understand your position on being cautious, though. Let's just keep praying and hope that He will answer this very important prayer! :) Give that adorable Reid (& Luke too) a big hug from us.

Carrie, Nick, Natalie, & Jonathan Ro

dayna said...

so happy to hear the news.. but we will keep the prayers coming to you and your family.. hugs from me and Nicolas.!!

Heather said...

Okay,caught up on the last few posts.First the laid back pictures.I so love the look on his face while reading the children's menu.Second ...I was so happy to here the glimmer that surgery may not be in the near future and maybe not at all.That's what we will pray for.Sorry I didn't make it down Sunday.I really really hoped I could but there was just too much to get done for Monday's admit.Our prayers continue and .... you know where to find us ...CHLA ....home away from home.

Addie-tude said...

Great news about Reid! YAY! And there are miracles that happen all around us-if we just have faith and look. I love the picture of Luke with his catcher's mask on. :)