Monday, December 22, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

I have always loved the song Little Drummer Boy, it's always been a favorite and this year Luke ranked this song his favorite of the season as well. We recently purchased Josh Groban's new CD, Noel and LOVE, LOVE it!! Song #2 is Little Drummer Boy and it has just about been played out between the two of us rewinding to hear it over and over. Luke's favorite part is when the little boy's voice chimes in and sings with Josh.

One night while Luke and I were out running errands and listening to the song again I tried to explain the meaning of the song....then, about 3 days later we had a friend's son in the car with us, who is about 3 years younger than Luke. When the song came on I could hear Luke in the back seat explaining to his little friend that, "When Jesus was born the boy did not have any gifts to give or money so his gift was to... "play his little heart out" for Jesus on his drums". I melted....Luke you are too cute!

I have posted Josh Groban's version of the song. To listen to it, first turn off my music at the bottom of the blog. Enjoy...and Merry Christmas!


Addie-tude said...

I love that version. Might just have to go out and get that CD. Luke has a very tender heart.
Love, Gloria

Nan P. said...

Hope your day is a lovely one. Sending a big hug to both of your precious boys, and to you!

Heather said...

Hope your day was filled with magical moments.

Jeremy McGarity said...

Hi Cheri!
Hope you guys had an great Christmas. Let's get our families together next month in San Clemente!