Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today commences our 2nd week of summer vacation ......aghhhhh, I can literally feel my body decompressing and refueling at this very moment. Summer...I love ya!

We in the Foreman household have decided to attend "CAMP INTENTIONAL" this summer.

...What pre-tell is Camp Intentional you ask?

Well, I came up with Camp Intentional one night after having a conversation with some girlfriends about what we were going to do this summer...we live in an area where there are some really fabulous camps and activities for kids but honestly none of it appealed to me. Not necessarily the camps, they sounded great but the time constraints that would block out portions of our day did not appeal to me...especially the "Chief Driver of Here and There" side of me. So... on the drive home the more I thought about summer plans the more I realized I was craving calm and simplicity and good old fashioned "intentional" memory making with my children and husband this summer.

As most of us can attest to ....during the school year there seems to be so many demands on our time that zap some of our ability to be as "intentional" with our time as we would like. So, this summer our intentional time will be built in swim dates at our house with Luke’s class on Thursday’s, a science project a week (this was Luke’s idea), a weekly cooking lesson by mom to intentionally help my growing boy learn how to cook, and we are intentionally leaving time “unbooked” to go to the park, visit museums, practice the guitar, hit balls at the driving range, and ride bikes to the beach....and of course consume lots of homemade ice cream and "hunken" watermelon slices so juicy that the pink deliciousness streams down our hands and arms, leaving sticky reminders that we are indeed right in the middle of summertime fun.

…I’ve also decided that part of my own intentional time is to read the book “Happy Home ..a family’s guide to finding balance in a dizzybusy world” by Lorle Campos." If I find any golden nuggets I will share them here as I know we all want more balance in our lives, especially during this chapter of raising our little loves.

So, below are a few pictures from our first two weeks of Camp Intentional.....

Knott's Berry Farm

....and just good old fashioned... climbing trees

We've also started on a project of turning Luke's room he has had since he was a baby into a "boy room" has been bitter sweet and Luke has shed a few tears over "loosing" this room. He has a very tender side and gets so emotionally attached to things. However, it makes me happy that he loved it so much... but I'm trying to celebrate with him how much he has grown and I am "trying" to let him make the decisions about this has actually been easier than I anticipated, he has some great ideas of what he wants and it is fun to see his vision coming together.

These are pictures from his "baby room". He asked to keep a portion of the border in his treasure box. ;) I had the planes sky writing his name...and taped out stripes to paint along the bottom portion of the wall.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer...and enjoying intentional moments with your loved ones!


my family said...

sounds like a great start to your summer. Reid is changing and looking more like big boy(sorry, I know I dont like hearing that), so cute. He and WIlliam would have so much fun together

Wren said...

What a great way to spend your summer! I have always wanted to live near the beach...maybe one day! ;) The amount of love your boys have for one another melts my heart!!!! I can't wait to see how the new big boy room turns out; I'm sure he love it just as much as his old room!

Heather said...

Enjoying our very our Camp Intentional up here as well!

Hoping we can converge camps shortly and hang out with you guys.We are moving at the end of this week so maybe we can plan a date for 2 weeks out.I'll email you a bit later.

Happy 4th.Be Safe and have fun.

Patricia said...

That baby room was the most charming I've ever seen...kinda feel like Luke does, its hard to let go and move on.(he's just a sweet boy) But, I'm very sure the "big boy" room will be just as cute and will have great memories too.

Nan P. said...

That sounds great! Would love to come over to CA just to join you in all the fun...

Heidi said...

I love the idea of "camp intentional". It is so easy to get caught up in schedules - even in the summer! We are planning on having a lot of family fun this summer as well. I just loved this post - thanks for sharing!

jazzygal said...

Hi...just dropping by on a recommendation from Nan P and I'm so glad I did!

Love your Camp International idea and your photos are fab. What gorgeous boys you have!

We may be on the same wavelength you and I, as I stated in my most recent post that I have a wish list of activities to get through his summer!

My WiiBoy (aged 10) will go to a camp for 1 week (good for his social skills etc) and he will take part/help/harass me at the summer camp I'm running for another week!! The rest of the time I'm Camp International too!

xx Jazzy

Andrea said...

I LOVE this! Have fun...we are going to camp intentional too!

Julie said...

The the idea of an intentional summer! I'm going to join you too.

Also, I feel your pain with the room makeover. We (but who am I kidding,) I am making over Jay's room this summer too!!!! And my boy is sensitive like yours. He doesn't want to get rid of anything. He finally agreed that we could take his glider out, IF we kept it in the living room so we could still snuggle!

Can't wait to see some after pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Dawniel and you wrote to me when my son Luke was first born and going through so many medical issues. I am so sorry I was not able to connect, but now after almost a year, we are finally starting to breathe. Just wanted to say, "hi" and hope that you have a fantastic summer.Love your idea about "Camp Intentional"!! So appropriate for life today! Your family is beautiful! would love to get together some time. I live in southern orange county and have twin 5 year olds and my sweet boy Luke who will be 1 on the 26th. My e-mail is :0))

Monica said...

Great post. I miss seeing photos of your super handsome boys. Looks like a great summer is in the works.

Addie-tude-GO CARDINALS said...

I love the Camp Intentional idea...very cute. I also LOVE the picture of Reid up in the tree-that is a wonderful picture. I can't believe Luke is getting so grown up. We'll have to get together for a playdate with Reid and Addie this summer. Love ya.