Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day......."Donut Boy"

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Since I usually do all the writing on this blog I will speak for Toby in saying that he would not trade the name of Dad for any other title. My boys are so lucky to have him, he loves them more than life itself and makes sure they know it many times a day. This morning when Reid presented him with his picture below....Toby broke into a huge smile and scooped his littlest one up and told him how much he loved him and what a good job he did in glueing the nuts and bolts on the frame...I don't think Toby even saw that for whatever reason Reid looks cross eyed in this picture or that he refused to smile...Toby doesn't see things like that...No Toby just saw his little boy darning a neck tie and little blazer and that is all he needed to melt him and acknowledge that it was the best little picture ever that will make its way into his office at work. ....and the "I'm Nuts About You??"".....oh my, that cracked me up!

Luke's class did not make a Father's Day present so instead I interviewed him and asked him a few things about his dad....

What words describe your dad? Good at fixing things, funny, kind, creative (he always thinks of fun things to do), smart, he shares (like he always shares his ice cream sandwiches with me)

What is your favorite thing to do with him? go swimming with him and play baseball with him. I also like it when he comes to all my soccer games

Is there something you and dad do that you want to make sure you do with your kids someday? Playing frisbee golf, going camping in the Seqouia's and going out to find wood for the fires

Do you have a nickname for your dad? Yeah, Donut Boy

How did you come up with that name? A long time ago we were practicing baseball outside and I grabbed the baseball container lid and used it as a shield and I said "Hey dad how about you throw the balls at me and I'll block them with the lid so I will be like Tron"....and dad said, "Well what will my name be?" and I said, "You can be Donut Boy" ....for the record, that name has stuck but honestly Toby doesn't eat donuts (that much ;) ) so we are not sure where Luke got it from.

So, without further is one of my favorite pictures of Tron and Donut Boy......
....although I think this picture can also be titled "Toby's mini-me"

Today we also had the opportunity to spend time with my side of the family as my sister is visiting from Alabama. Below is a picture of me and my brothers and sister...I'm the short one of the bunch ;)....never realized how much shorter I was than everyone else until this picture. I don't think all of us have been under one roof since my wedding 11 years ago.

....and just a few of the grandkids, 5 were missing today, and one great grand child (yes if you can believe it my beautiful sister is a Nana...3 times over)



Becca said...

Tron and Donut Boy!! Hahaha! Great pics, love the "I'm Nuts About You" pic!

Heidi said...

I love the picture that Reid made for his Dad! How cute!! Loved Luke's response to your questions too. I hope Toby enjoyed his Father's Day yesterday it sounds like he is an amazing father to your two amazing boys!

heidi marie said...


just letting everyone on my bloglist now that i have a new site now- the site henry's mommie will no longer be in use. everything has been transferred over to my new site!! hope to see you there.