Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summers Are For Dads Too....

Summers are for dads too....

I love that I get to enjoy summer vacation with my boys... as a little girl I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher and knowing that when I had children that my vacation time would be the same as theirs was going to be such a beautiful perk! However, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that that would go a step further and after 6 years in the traditional brick and mortar school and 4 years home with Luke I would then continue to stay home...but also teach from home for the last 5 years in my jammies over the internet...and still get to enjoy the same vacation time as my boys, what a lucky lady I am! ;)

But, what about poor old dad who has to hear of our fun festivities of the day and of the anticipated fun for the coming day? Actually, Toby never complains he is missing out, in fact he has said that he loves summer because he knows we are all home and happy and stress free. But still.....summers should be for dads too, soooo the boys and I mustered up a little surprise. We decided that an impromptu dinner/picnic at the beach once Toby got home from work to enjoy the last of the day's sunlight and enjoy a sunset together would be a perfect way to ensure he felt the joys of summer. To prepare for the "surprise" the boys and I packed a cooler with dinner and nummies, loaded the car with sand toys, buckets, chairs and blankets and even laid out shorts and flip flops by the front door so the moment Toby came home he would know something was brewing....the boys were so excited to surprise him!

Yes.....summers (and Camp Intentional) are for dads too!!



Kelly said...

This is so very sweet! And the first picture....sigh....I hope you frame it and put in a special place in your home. The story that photo has to tell!! Glad you are enjoying your summer and including "daddy" along the way! ENJOY:)

The Sanchez Family said...

Oh so sweet! Love all your boys!

We might be coming to Disneyland in August!!!! I'll keep you posted. Would love to meet you and your family and introduce you to mine :)!

Nan P. said...

Great idea!

Oh, Muck Fun, all wet and squishing. :-)

Looks like Reid enjoyed it.

BTW, the “14 degrees” I referred to are Celsius, not Fahrenheit of course! Still, in the middle of the summer, it’s not good, not good at all! Just happened to be the coldest day since spring.. Just my luck.

Cheri said...

Kelly....thank you :)

Jennifer....I was giddy reading that, I hope it works out for you to be here in August, I would LOVE, LOVE to meet up with you guys!!! Did I mention I would love it?? ;)

Nan P. ....(Giggle) okay so I goofed, yes I thought fahrenheit and thought to myself..."Geez louise, I know Ireland can be overcast and rainy but 14 degrees in July???" So, got my converter out and saw it to be about 57 degrees and to that I say..."I'm still as impressed as heck!!! ;)"

Heidi said...

What a great surprise!! Love the pictures of your sweet boys!