Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Most Humble Reminder to Hug our Kids Close

This post is a humble reminder for all of us to hug our kids close because accidents happen. Tragic accidents happen.

Today I went to the funeral of one of Reid's preschool classmates. He was hit by a car in a parking lot and did not make it. It was not a fault of any parties, it was just a most horrific accident. I cannot imagine this family's grief and absolute heartache. There was not a dry eye in that church and so desperately we all wished this was not happening, to be able to rewind and go back in time so this family did not have to endure this grief. The pastor spoke to the grief of losing someone we love and how the anguish and pain is proportionate to the love felt, which as we all know as parents is a mighty, deep, and fierce love.

We had heard about this incident in the news and discussed it before we knew it was Reid's precious little friend. We read it and it hit us very hard because just a few days prior we had our own scare where Reid started to run up the sidewalk and as I looked up to chase him I saw our neighbor two doors down pulling out of his garage and down the driveway. This neighbor cannot hear out of one ear and even though I screamed and screamed he did not hear me. The more I chased Reid the more he giggled and ran faster thinking it was a game. After what seemed like slow motion I finally reached him, scooped him up and sat on the grass and cried.

Just a few days later we learned that the little boy in the accident was a sweet friend and classmate and I cried again in absolute disbelief and heartache for the family.

Accidents happen. Tragic accidents happen and they can happen to any of us which is why I share this, just as a reminder to all of us. I am going to disable comments for this particular post out of respect for this family and ask instead of commenting that you hug your kids close and say a prayer for this family who has lost their only child, their beautiful precious little boy.