Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reid got to meet Zoey Grace!!

How sweet are these little guys?!? I could just eat them both up!! In this picture Reid was rubbing Zoey's head with his hand... apparently Reid likes chicks who have their own set of wheels!!
Reid got to meet his little...dare I say "girlfriend", Zoey, whom all of us Foreman's have fallen in love with...and whose button is in the top right corner of my blog! I do believe the flirting began quite from the first moment they laid eyes on each other...or maybe it was Zoey's pink car that Reid was eyeballing! But, at any rate I think they quite enjoyed each other's company...and Heather, I yours! Isn't this blog world interesting in that you can fall in love with someone else's child, care for their family, cry with them, pray for them... and yet never have even met them? Strange yet beautiful at the same time. Worlds touching each other that would not have otherwise. 

We fell in love with Zoey this past summer when I found Heather's blog...I am not even sure how I found it but I am so glad I did. Heather, the way you write... from the depths of a mother's heart drew me in and I kept coming back...and heaven knows my repertoire of quotes is much richer now by visiting your blog :)!! When Heather and I realized we both lived in southern CA we had tried to plan a play date somewhere in between the two of us, but before we could get a date set Zoey was diagnosed with Leukemia and began treatment right away. Now on round 3, we were able to visit her at Children's Hospital of LA. What a special time for us! From the moment we got off the elevator onto the 4th floor we were greeted by a "This must be Reid" from one of the nurses who knew we were coming :) ...and led us to Zoey's room. When we entered...smiles and sweetness from little Miss Zoey Grace. She looks just her pictures and she is simply just want to snuggle her right up. Heather she is just so adorable and spunky...she was cracking me up because she would sport a little smile and then try out one of her "pouty" looks only to then shoot us another smile... so much personality your "little warrior" has, she makes my heart smile. 
"Hmnn...hang on Zoey, let me check and see what's under the hood"
"I found what the problem was under the hood, guys!"

I think Zoey was trying to show Reid some cool tricks he could do with his hands...I love how she is looking to see if he is watching her!

Poor Zoey, Reid swiped up every ball she had.
Silly faces
When we got to their room Heather had these darling scrubs for Reid..."Doctor in Training". He cruised around in them all cracked Luke up.
Reid is kissing a little "nurse" also gifted to Reid...the doctor got chucked across the room, apparently Reid wanted him out of the picture. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Reid I am so glad you finally got to meet Zoey! And what a Cutie! The two of you look so adorable. Take care love Autie Cyndi

Junior said...

Such a special day. The pictures of those two are adorable.

Judy said...

Oh my goodness, Cheri....these pics are so adorable!!! I'm so glad you got to meet Heather and Zoey yesterday...(I'm a little jealous...they are practically celebrities :) )
What a blessing to have blogs and the internet as a way to support and pray for each other!

Michelle said...

I am so glad you got to meet Zoey and Heather...2 of my most favorite people! You are so is so amazing the bonds that can be made through a blog! Its what gets us through this crazy and wonderful life. I LOVE the scrubs on adorable!

My name is Sarah said...

Such a sweet story. I think they will be prom dates.

Kele said...

OH MY!! I am so tickled for you all to meet! You got the cutest pics!! Such fun and I am sure it made Zoey's day!!
Hope you got my email relpy the other day! Seems as if I am having trouble with people receiving my emails!
Much love to you guys!

Heather said...

Right back at you Reid and Cheri.Your visit sure lite up our lives that day.Reid captured my heart and to see him in the flesh was more than I could handle!My older girls visit your blog almost daily and they too have fallen in love with your family.Thank you for your visit ... it meant the world to us.Next time .... Disneyland???

Cheri said...

ABSOLUTELY...that sounds perfect!

Randall said...

So neat! I have been following Zoey for a few months. What a precious little girl she is. How wonderful that you got to meet her. I saw pictures of Reid on her website and thought...hmmm is that "Raising Reid?" What a gift the internet can be! I loved all of the pictures.

Jeanette said...

I totally goofed and posted my comment under my husband Randall's Google account. We are using the same computer and I need to pay attention to that. Oops!

Little Miss E said...

They are the cutest little couple EVER!!!