Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snow Day at School

Recently at school Reid and his little friends had a "Snow Day" where the school had a company come and drop off loads and loads of snow for the kids to play in. Reid eventually loved it, but was a little unsure of what to do at first...he kept saying, "Oh no, oh no!!" because he had snow all over his boots. But, Reid quickly learned to throw snowballs, make snow angels and I think his favorite by a long shot was eating the snow...good thing we were the first group of kids out there!

Just a little side note...his little Mickey Mouse gloves were big brother Luke's...who must have been 3 and a few months himself when he saw those in the grocery store and BEGGED me to buy those for him, I had said no at first but then Luke burst into tears and said, "PWEEEASSE Momma, I need dem for Uncle Kebin's cabin". And, well that did it, they then found their way into the basket...I love hand me downs for the shear fact of the memories they evoke! BTW...At the point of Mickey glove purchase my brother Kevin had just begun the very long process of building a cabin for his family all on his own with spare time on weekends, holidays and summer vacations...and he is just about done...hooray! So, Mickey.... you just might make your way up the mountains after all...just 6 years later than you thought ;), but you have been so useful at both Luke's and Reid's "Snow Day's" at school over the years.

Hmnnn, this tastes kinda good!

WHOA, SNOW!!!!!!!!

Throwing snow balls at his teacher

My little snow angel



Mel said...

Those photos made me smile. Every boy should get to throw snowballs at their teacher! He is so cute, I just want to take him home with me :)

Kelly said...

What a great idea to have snow brought in for the kids to play! That is so neat. I love the pics of Reid, he is just so adorable. Looks like he had tons of fun:)

Cheri said...

...I know, I think that is so cool, Luke went to this same preschool so got to enjoy it too. I have had thoughts to look into the cost of this to do something like this in my front yard for Reid's birthday next year which happens to be Dec. 28th...such a hard day for a birthday but it would be fun to just embrace the whole Christmas/snow/festivities of the year. ;)

Lacey said...

A snow day huh, I think thats so funny because we are coming to California to get away from the snow. But thats my kind, the kind you bring in and have a small pile, but the temperatures outside stay the same!

Monica Crumley said...

I had to look -- cuz there a snow day just doesn't happen in your and my parts of Calif. LOL. Looks like Reid really got the hang of it and enjoyed it. Such a handsome boy - I'm glad Mickey didn't let him down. :-)

Heidi said...

What great pictures! We could definitely send you some of our snow next winter!

Kele@ said...

And what a precious snow angel he is!! That is so cool that the school did that, what a great experience for the kiddos.
And I must say, at this point it would be heartbreaking if the ole Mikey gloves didn't make it to Uncle 'Kebin's' cabin!

Nan P. said...

so... well.... cool! ;-)