Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Benefit Dinner for Reece's Rainbow Children...Need Your Input!!

Reece's Rainbow

Saturday evening Toby and I will be dining with some friends....who are hosting a benefit dinner...or "Dinner with a Cause". Let me give you some background...this family has always been so gracious in hosting amazing parties...Luke's favorite are their Christmas parties where in the past the home entry has been adorned with snow flakes where he actually laid down and made snow angels and later met Santa who had a long list of names he read from and then gave each child a gift purchased specific for them (one year Luke got a doctor's kit because his baby brother Reid was to be born just a few days later...we packed it in my "hospital bag" to take with us for the delivery). Well, about a year ago they decided to add an amazing twist to their parties and host dinners every other month that would benefit different causes...a few of those have been The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Smile Train, Breast Cancer Awareness, Battered Women and Children's Center....and now this month Reece's Rainbow. We are thrilled that this is the chosen charity. For obvious reasons this organization has become dear to us, and we are so thankful for it's existence as an avenue to help these "forgotten children" find the love of a "Forever Family". In discussing how we should use the raised funds they have left that up to us and I have gone round and round in my head as to whether we should put the funds toward new cribs, or clothes, or upkeep on the orphanages... or give it to a family who is in the process of adopting....and this morning it hit me. I began to think about ultimately what I would hope for for these children...a new set of pajamas or to ultimately leave the orphanage as soon as possible? When I thought about it that way the answer came easily and our wish is to give the money to a family in the process of adoption. The fee is so high, averaging around $22,000 and if we can means of this simple dinner amongst friends that would be a beautiful thing to us.

During the evening we hope to share a video about Reece's Rainbow as well as a little about how crazy in love we are with our own little guy with Down syndrome...and how we ache for all his little friends who are sentenced to an orphanage merely because they were born with an extra chromosome. Such a shame....these biological parents have no idea what they have cast aside, it just breaks me up inside. We are also hoping to share links to blogs of families who are in the process of adopting as well as of those who are already home for anyone interested in following these beautiful stories.

However, I need help....I know this is fast and furious because the dinner is Saturday evening...but if you could leave me a comment telling me of a child you know who is in the process of being adopted and their family's blog I would so appreciate it. You can even make a suggestion for a particular family to receive the funds as we have not solidified that yet. Or of a family and their blog that have already adopted.... THANK YOU in advance!! xoxo

Since we learned of Reece's Rainbow a year ago there have been a several families that have drawn us in with their amazing stories and I have listed those below...but I know there are more out there that you may have become attached to and I would love to learn about them.

Hidden Treasures
Grew by Two
Bringing Kellsey Home
Smiles and Trials
Cornish Adoption Journey
Dreaming on an Angel and their family blog Life with Bubba, Chicky, and Nika

....oooohhhh I just had a thought, what if we all had a "virtual dinner party" and we each hosted dinner parties at our homes and put our funds in together for one child at a time to get them all home! Hmmmnnn I just might have to keep thinking on that one... :)
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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

What a GREAT idea!!! :) Thanks for thinking of our RR kids!!! There are lots of families on Kellsey's blog roll who are in various stages of adoption! Be sure to check them out!!! :) Kellsey's blog will be getting much more exciting now that we are getting close to travel time, finally!!! Our dossier has left France... I'm not sure where it is exactly now, but I hear it should be in her country SOON! YAY! Thanks so much for following our journey!!! :)

SunflowerMom said...

What a generous idea! Do the guests make a specific donation amount to dine or is it open amount? Running ideas in my head...

Cheri said...

The suggested donation is $35 per person but many donate more. Not sure if you clicked on "Dinner with a Cause" it will take you to their blog with a little more explanation of their intent with the dinners. :)

Cheri said...

Renee, I can't wait to hear of all the details!!!....I am so thrilled for your whole family that Kellsey is getting closer and closer to being HOME with you all!! :)