Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zoey Grace Needs Our Prayers....

Little Zoey Grace needs our continued prayers. She and her family have found themselves yet again at the hospital to have a bone marrow biopsy to see if Leukemia has again found it's way back into her little body. For those not familiar with Zoey's story, she was diagnosed in October with Leukemia and quickly began aggressive treatment. She underwent 6 rounds of chemo and has been home now for 2 wonderful was starting to get back to normal for them. However, Monday her blood work showed some unnerving numbers, particularly with her platelets. Leukemia is actually only one part of Zoey's story, this little girl and her family have endured so much, too much!! The bone marrow biopsy today will show them what they are dealing with.... My prayer is that this is just a curveball and NOT a relapse. Please pray for them.  

*The picture above is one of my favorites from our visit to see Zoey in the hospital, I think during round 3. I love how Zoey is showing Reid some tricks with her hands and peering over to see if he is watching her.... seriously how could he not watch...she is just too cute for words?!?!!!

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