Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"I Five.... Today

Today Reid would tell you.... "I five!" if you asked him.

Actually we were at the park today with some friends and I told Reid to tell the girls what today was..... I was not sure how he would respond to be honest, but he looked up at them, smiled, and said, "I five!!". When they said Happy Birthday Reid, he responded with a most adorable, "Fanks!!" with again that little smirk on his face. 

If Reid had more words about him he would also say....

"I have the best big brother, EVER!"

"Daddy is my hero!"

"Follow your dreams, there isn't anything you can't accomplish if you put your mind and heart in it!"

"If you have the opportunity to sit out or dance.... DANCE!!"

"Tell someone that you love them.... To Infinity and Beyond!!"

"Laughter is good for the soul!"

"Rudolph isn't the only cute reindeer!"

"Mind your manners and don't forget to say, "Thank you... thank you very much" from time to time!"

"Hug close the ones you love!"

"If you want to hang out in only rain boots and underwear all day... so be it! Blaze your own trail!"

"Five is going to be my best year yet!"

**Top photo taken by Kelle Hampton for the Infantino/Step2 "Everybody plays" Campaign. All photos are property of this blog owner and may not be reproduced without permission.


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Reid. Beautiful photos! It is amazing how much five years can change views of those around us and heal the heart to show us a love so deep we never imagined we could feel! :)

my family said...

well happy day late birthday big boy. WIlliam loves five too, full of lots of adventure!
Ragan's birthday is today (29th)

Wren said...

Happy birthday BIG 5 year old boy!!! I love all of the pictures, he looks so much like you in the last one! :)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Reid!!!

DawnGes said...

LOVE Reid's wisdom and the photos! What a delightful 5 year-old person he is.

Happy belated birthday,Reid!

Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to your entry but I stumbled upon your blog after discovering that our unborn son has DS. I appreciate your blog and what it has to offer! Thank you for sharing your story and your family. It gives me a new hope and excitement to meet our son in May :)

-Those Newmans

P said...

I''ll change your words a bit and say WHEN Reid has more words here is what he will say about being five.

Blog about the talker options if you have any thoughts and haven't already...

Bethany said...

aww love him! that elvis pic is classic!

Sharon said...

Happy Happy 5th Birthday, Reid!!!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

oh my gosh - i am dying over these pictures... especially the ones of reid as elvis and in his underwear and rainboots!!!! LOVE these pics!!!
by the way - is it too early to get reid and whitney engaged? :)