Monday, December 26, 2011

A Beautiful New Life

A little girl's "life story" has been rewritten because of this incredible family featured in the ABC News clip below.... and from what I understand the Reece's Rainbow adoption website has been on overload since this aired.... I hope it stirs more hearts and ALL of these beautiful children will find their Forever Families.... The little girl Masha they show wondering if the news reporter was her Momma? Tears poured down as I watched that, no one should be without a mom or dad... I pray this news story helps her find her very soon!! 

Click here for the ABC News clip
Then, to read more of Kareen's journey to her new life,  go here

A few thoughts..... Once given the diagnosis of Down syndrome from health professionals many of us walking this road were encouraged to abort, told that our child would be a burden to society, to their families, their siblings would suffer.... you scour the internet and you will find outdated and biased information pertaining to the life of a person with this extra chromosome, BUT...... you ask a family walking this road and you will get a much different answer. Of the over 500 children adopted through Reece's Rainbow, I would venture to guess that most of the adopting families either already had a child of their own with Down syndrome or an extended family member.... that says A LOT of this road, and the falsehood of the statements above.  Parenting is tough..... with or without extra chromosomes, but the most beautiful tough I have ever experienced and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!


Noah's Dad said...

We saw that story also....wasn't it great! Thanks so much for posting that.

Our little boy was born with Down syndrome almost a year ago today. It's been a blast.

We are creating an online narrative of his life on our site by uploading a daily one minute video (we're a little behind right now though!) :)

So glad to have found your's great! I'm looking forward to learning more about your story!

Molly said...

The part with Masha really killed me. I wonder if she is listed with RR, I can't imagine her mama is not out there watching that!!!