Monday, November 14, 2011

"Daddy and Mommy Welcome You................. To Life"

The tiny TEN POUND... 9 year old little girl I mentioned here... Her name is Katerina and I read today that she is finally with her Forever Family.... finally she is coming home to start her life. She finally has a family of her own to love her and care for her and tell her how precious she is... 

Actually her mom's words which put a frog in my throat read as..."Tiny daughter, come with us.... Daddy and Mommy welcome you to life". 

Today is a good, good day!

Katerina, we celebrate with you and your family today!

To read her story go here.


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My Little Wonders said...

Isn't her story absolutely amazing? I have been anxiously awaiting updates and when I read the latest, I was overcome with emotion.