Monday, November 28, 2011

Bagels = Zeros.... and Some iPad Love

In case you didn't know....... bagels look like zeros. ....Reid told me so. 

A week or so ago while making bagels Reid shouted out, "Mom..... ZERO!!" while proudly holding up his bagel. I stopped and looked at his little face.... and realized he was connecting that a bagel is shaped like a zero, therefore it was a zero and....well, I squealed.... yes, like a girl.... no, more like a very happy momma that was celebrating that her child had made this connection and then picked that little guy up and twirled him around. These little connections are BIG connections in our world! I didn't even know he knew zero yet.

So what do you do when your child brilliantly declares bagels look like zeros? Well.... you plop him on the couch and document it baby!

and then you eat those zeros bagels!


One of the BEST investments we have made for Reid..... which we have seen contribute to much of his progress in number and letter recognition is the iPad. I love this thing, absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  He is so independent with it and navigates himself around to the apps he wants to work in that day and I feel ZERO guilt because he is playing and learning all at the same time. 

If you have thought about getting one for Christmas or are on the fence..... my advice? Get it. The advantage it gives our little ones with special needs is HUGE. In my opinion it is worth EVERY cent!

The app Reid is working on below is the iWriteWords app (it also has a # section) and I believe the one with the letters is from his Starfall ABCs app.... both are must haves. 

Other items worth mentioning are the Big Grips Frame shown below in blue and the Just Mobile stylus. The Big Grips Frame goes without saying... you want to protect your investment and we have found this one to be perfect for Reid's little hands. We had our iPad about a month before we bought this and we had too many close calls with falls so I feel much better with this on! The stylus is something we decided to purchase to help him with gripping an item such as a pencil or crayon. This is also one of his IEP goals so this stylus is helping us achieve that I think. We bought it in yellow to resemble a pencil but they have lots of different fun colors. He loves using  it to trace letters and numbers on the iPad... and sometimes you will even find my goofball with it behind his ear to be, well, ahem ....a goofball. 



Becky said...

You are right about that...celebrate those connections and document it! I love it...:) We have an IPAD too and Kristen loves its!

my family said...

love the "zeros" I think I am going to break down and get an ipad (maybe after Christmas, maybe for) great frame for it for little hands though!

I dont know how I missed the last post but adorable picts!

Monica (Jakel) Crumley said...

So cute! Yes, bagels are just big O's or zeros :-) I reaaaaallly want an iPad for John Michael. I think I would use it to check facebook and email, but it would really be great as a learning tool for him. His ST uses it as a reward at his preK, which is great. I LOVE seeing Reid tracing the letters. That would be a great reason right there. The motivation to do it on paper just isn't there. Thanks for your blog comment, too. I hope we can meet one day :-) and that our boys could have a playdate...

Jill said...

What awesome pictures! Of course we document these moments, right? It's how we roll here in blogland! I only wish I knew how to make bagels myself....hmmm. Thanks for posting what apps you like on your ipad. There are so many to pick from, and I really like to read about other mom's favorites. I've been burned so many times by really ridiculous apps with creative descriptions! Nate loves the ipad and you are so right-it is an incredible tool that is also tons of fun!

DawnGes said...

Found your blog through Glennon's--LOVE it! Your boys are beautiful (or handsome)!

DawnGes said...

Just came across your blog through Glennon's--LOVE it! Your boys are beautiful! Thank you.

Twilson9608 said...

Super exciting! I just recently got an iPad, I'll have to look into these apps and the frame.

Sharon said...

I'm going to download these apps right now....thanks!