Friday, July 22, 2011

Classic Boy Movies: Part of Camp Intentional

My Luke is turning 10 next week.... "Double digits" as he proudly announces. Time is moving WAY too fast and from time to time he will throw out a timeline comment about how he will only be with us for 8 more years... When he says things like this I literally stop in my tracks and grab my heart feeling as though it could instantaneously combust...

So, what does a mom do when her son continues to grow at lightning speed? She throws watching "classic boy movies" into the "Camp Intentional" plan...before he is too old to appreciate these or identify with them. He is at the perfect age for these movies...and they are a refreshing break from all the technological gadgets our kids are fixated with these days.

So, through the summer we will be watching "Oldie but Goody" movies. So far we have seen the 1968 version of Tom Sawyer, Swiss Family Robinson, and Old Yeller is on the list for tonight. But, I need your help..... what are some classics that you loved watching as a kid? If you would please leave me your ideas in the comment section to add to our movie viewing repertoire, I would love it, love it!!

One of the nice things about watching the "oldies" is they are easily found on Netflix and we as a family can watch as many movies as we want for our monthly subscription of $7.99... Don't have access to Netflix on your TV?.... Below is a video showing you how you can access it, by using Boxee Box by D-Link (yes this is yours truly in this video.... my friends Steve and Mason were working on this for D-Link and asked if I would help them) Do you remember Lucy from the I Love Lucy series doing the Vitameatavegamin commercial? Ummm yeah, kinda felt like that, with LOTS of bloopers in the taking!) ;) ....if you look close you can see that "Raising Reid" comes up on one of the TV shots... (because you can also access the internet on your TV through Boxee Box) If you watch the video be sure to pause my music down below first...

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Cory said...

I can't think of any movies for boys. Ha! :) We watch the classics all the time. But its more Shirley Temple, Sound of Music, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Pollyanna, Your Mine and Ours. :) We LOVE them. And you are so beautiful in that commercial. :) I might have to get Netflix now. :)