Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deedah and Me (a short film)

I recently became aware of this documentary called Deedah and Me about a big sister and her little brother who has Down syndrome. It struck me for a few, obviously I love to see real people doing real life with Down syndrome sprinkled in because of course that is our life too and it is encouraging to me, you guys out there are encouraging to me...and it spurs me on to do better and to fight harder and to love deeper.

But it also struck me because Charlotte, the big sister, who is only in 2nd grade mind you is so articulate and so good with her brother....reminds me of a big brother in our house! I also found it funny that Deedah is her nickname given to her by Jonathan, the little brother, as a result of him attempting to say sister.....and the nickname over here given by Reid, the little brother, is Dah for Luke as a result of him attempting to say brother (or at least that's how we think it came about) ;).

Lastly I was also struck by how articulate Jonathan is with his own words and clear thoughts especially being only 2 years older than Reid and it makes me wonder if Reid will make that much growth in the coming made me happy to see Jonathan just being a little boy, and what a darling little boy he is!!

The vision of this video is to help promote Down syndrome awareness in the community, for expectant parents, and for schools as well. I think showing this in classrooms is a great way to start the conversation regarding special needs and addressing the issue of bullying in school. If you wish to sponsor a school or Dr. office or even a library you can go to their website and buy it at their cost which is $6.00 + SH or get your own copy right now for $9.95.

**Before watching the trailer be sure to pause my music at the bottom of the blog.

Deedah Trailer from Philip May on Vimeo.



Looking Up said...

I saw this trailer last week & found it to be really heartwarming. I too, thought that Charlotte was incredibly articulate & very sensitive to her brother's feelings. (The part when she shares her fears that her little brother will get bullied made me tear up ). I firmly believe that knowledge is power & I hope that this DVD will find it's way into OB/GYN offices & schools everywhere.

Lacey said...

this movie should go to the big screen, so everyone can see what we already know! I do believe that every OB and school should be made to watch it!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing this Cheri! I also came across this a couple of weeks ago and ordered a copy for myself! I also ordered more to share with our pediatrician's office and Labor & delivery at our local hospital!! Diamond in the ruff, huh?! I agree with Lacey, this should make it to the big screen!!

Cory said...

Bawling my eyes out here. I can't wait to see the film. I love our kiddo's so much.

Nan P. said...

"... just being a little boy" That is what it should all be about and nothing else, isn't it?