Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Been A Year... Heart Update

I can hardly believe it was a year ago today that our littlest guy came out of the operating room looking like this.... For those new to our blog, this was Reid's second open heart surgery. The first was to fix an ASD, a VSD, and his mitral valve when he was 7 months old. The second surgery, just before his 2nd birthday, was to further repair the mitral valve which had some moderate to severe leakage. The surgery seemed a success at first but then things went a little south and it was thought he would need to go back into the operating room for surgery # three to replace the valve altogether with a metal one before he would be released...which quite possibly could have caused more complications and more surgeries down the road. However, long story short (or read here for posts from that time) over a course of several hand wringing days his swelling and excess fluid had dissipated and they decided to send us home to see if we could get a few more years out of his own valve before needing to completely replace it. But............ drumroll please...........I have not updated on his heart (shame on me) until now and as of last month he is now completely heart medicine FREE......AND his last echo showed a near perfect heart. The cardiologist said that if he keeps on like this there will not be a need for another surgery. Makes this mom's own heart very, very happy!!

Reid's surgery happened to be scheduled on Toby's 40th birthday.....which means TODAY is his birthday.....Happy Birthday Toby! We love you!

Below are pictures of what his little "zipper" looks like today, Reid in his "I did it" shirt because it just seems appropriate, and then him just being his little hambone self!



Anonymous said...

I couldn't have a better birthday present than the health of my family.

We have been blessed with talented doctors and therapists, great friends and a loving extended family to help Reid.

Love you,


Laurie said...

Ah, our little heart babes are just amazing, aren't they?

So wonderful to hear that his heart is healthy!!

He is looking SO well : )

Heidi said...

Wow - that's amazing - I'm so glad Reid's heart is doing so well. He is such a cutie!

My husband's birthday is today too!!

Cheri said...

Oh that's fun Heidi, wish him a happy birthday from us over here in CA! :)

Nan P. said...

Time flies, doesn’t it? And he looks so well.

The “zipper” look great! Cathal’s one looks good too, and seems to be fading. The scar from his 1st heart surgery at 5 weeks old (under his right arm, and wrapping around the back) is barely noticeable.

And happy birthday Toby! ;-)

Kele said...

AWESOME! Lovin the 'little zipper' nick name for the heroic scar our little ones bear! And as always, lovin the little Reid man himself!

Bethany said...

Aww happy heart day!!

Sasha said...

Happy Heart day!! No idea that he had two surgeries. He looks awesome though. I love the pics.

Jennie said...

Cheri - So great to find your blog (through OzSquad). Reid is almost exactly one year older than my Micah. Congrats on not needing surgery #3. That's huge! We're hoping to avoid #2 as Micah's mitral regurg is more on the moderate side and his never-to-cease enalapril is getting that closer to mild.
Reid is a cutie pie!