Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Christmas Angel On Our Tree

We have a new angel ornament on our tree and his name is Andrey, he is just precious. He is one of many little ones who have been placed in orphanages because of their extra chromosome. I look up at him on my tree and I just sigh every time I pass by knowing he doesn't have a mom or dad to love him. He looks like such a combination of my boys. I learned of Reece's Rainbow Christmas Angel Tree Project last year but it wasn't until this year that we participated. Earlier in the month I pulled up the site and told Luke to look through and see if there was a little one he thought we should support. Right away Luke picked out Andrey by saying, "Awwwww, Mom I like this little guy!" in the sweetest of voices. I had actually seen him several times as well and felt the same way so that was it, we sent off our money and we received an ornament with his picture on it. A few days afterwards I went back to the site to check on Andrey to see if there happened to be any information on him. There was some information regarding his health but what got me the most.......was when I noticed his birthdate. Insert watery eyes here. This precious little boy was born on the exact same day and year as Reid. They will both be three on December 28th. It got really personal for me at that point. The last three years have been so heightened for us as we've navigated this new road. It has been full with therapy and surgeries and adjustment and much love and snuggles and laughter and just so much joy. When I think of this sweet Andrey being born that same day with such a different fate, well it makes me just cry. If you have thought about sponsoring a child please consider this sweet little one or one of his friends found here. The deadline to receive an ornament with the child you sponsor is Tuesday December 15th, though you can still sponsor a child up through December 31st.


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Oh my gosh Cheri, what are the chances of that?!?! He is meant to be your special xmas angel. I'll pray he finds his forever family soon.
I too am obsessed with Reese's Rainbow and have fallen in love with a little girl...oh if only we could make it work. Instead I too will donate money in her honor.

Junior said...

such a precious little guy, praying he finds his forever family

Judy said...

Did your question to me today have anything to do with this little guy ;)
I will be praying for him and you, Cheri. ((((hugs))))

Kele said...

Cheri, I need you to know this... tomorrow, because of this post, I am going to have Mikah and Jett do the very thing you let Luke do. I think that is the sweetest way to do it, your story brought tears to my eyes and I can't wait until Mikah and Jett come home from Mother's day out to pick our little angel to sponsor!
I will let you know who my kiddo's choose and THANK YOU for this post and igniting this fire within!

Sarah Tacoma said...

Oh Cheri, ever since I saw Reece's Rainbow on your blog I added it to our charities we tithe to. I wish I could handle another child with DS...just think that we have our hands full with one.

Melissa said...

Cheri! Thank you so much for contacting me :) I am gonna email you back when we come back from visiting our Sweet Liza.