Monday, November 2, 2009

More Halloween Fun (Parade + Party)

The first set of pictures was taken during Reid's parade at school. In some shots you can see he had had enough and used his dino costume as a pillow.... The others are from a party we had in our yard which spilled out onto the yards of my two neighbors....we had close to...gulp... 75 people, but it was so much fun. The teacher in me had to have "stations" to rotate through with varying festive activities. BTW, if anyone needs a huge tub of orange icing and sprinkle shakers...I have lots left over, lol!

The reluctant parade walker....

Wow, all this marching around and singing is tiring me out!

Seriously guys....I'm getting really tired!

Party time.....
Craft station

Pumpkin bowling...we went through 3 pumpkins...the kids loved it when a pumpkin cracked in half and as it rolled the seeds came flying out all over...lots of squeals and giggles!


M & M graphing

Guess the Guts! :)

Stencil fun

Cookie decorating

Donut eating contest


A few of the friends....

Good friends

Dad and dino

Our little gangstas for the day


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Wow! That was some party!!! You are awesome...and seriously...are you like 21 or something?!?! You look sooooo young!!! I'm jealous :)!

Mel said...

Amazing! You must be the coolest mum around! LOVE the photo of you and Reid at the beginning, you both look beautiful.

Nan P. said...

This looks like great fun. Some organisation! You are just bril!

And yes, I love the "Dino-pillow" photos. Very clever.

Heather said...

The pictures of him just all tuckered out were my favorites!

*Will mail out the blanket tomorrow!

Heidi said...

Wow - that looks like an awesome party!!

I love Reid's costume and think the pictures of him using it as a pillow are so cute!

Kele said...

I am just so in love with that dino!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that made me cry and not much can do that! Thanks for sharing and I'm sorry we missed the party.