Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer Days...Where Did They Go?

It is always sad to say goodbye to the long warm days of say goodbye to lazy "wear your PJs all day" kind of days (or just
diapers as Reid preferred)...but we sure enjoyed our time! We visited family in Alabama, camped in the Sequoias, visited an aquarium, the zoo, many parks, tried to see a movie in the theatre but Reid, well...let's just say if we had not left promptly he would of provoked angry patrons to start throwing popcorn! We enjoyed sleep overs, Luke's Ninja birthday party, backyard camp outs with friends, lots of swimming...and oh yes, the Wii joined our family this summer. Here are a few pictures from our 2008 summer... I especially love this one with Luke and the orangutan at the zoo!!


Heather said...

Alright,I see we have a few things in common.One,I am a self professed chocoholic,I have been know to ingest that and only that for daily sustainment!Two,fellow Californian.Three,well,Little Miss Zoey.Her and Reid both have that extra,extra something special!Found you through Presley.Your family is beautiful and I look forward to checking in on you all.

Kele said...

LOVE the pics!! I know, I LOVE the summer, Mike is home and fun is abound. Maybe one 'summer' we will all plan to meet one another, I would love that!!