Thursday, September 11, 2008

Normal "little guy" stuff!!!

It has been awhile since I last posted and wanted to show you what Reid has been up to. I recently signed Reid up for some classes through our city's parks and recreation department. And... it feels so great to be out with him doing normal "little guy" stuff... stuff I did with Luke when he was this age. Since Reid's birth we have been busy with Dr. appointments, off to see specialists, and have had therapists come into our home almost daily to help him meet his fine and gross motor skills milestones. He has needed all of these things and we have been blessed with amazing therapists, but I was missing this part of parenting...being out doing normal stuff. He was finally ready and as you can see he is having a great time...and so is mommy! The pictures you see posted are from Reid's class this week....he LOVES the dancing and singing and seeing little friends...and did you notice he is standing in the middle of the room all by himself...and sporting new little Vans? He just started standing by himself without holding onto anything last week...and he has even taken a step today!! :) I think we are on our way to walking. 


Heather said...

Oh Cheri Reid looks so happy ust doing regular little boy stuff.That seems so far off for Zoey.This is the second time today I rejoiced in seeing someones else's little guy doing "normal stuff"but honestly felt a tinge bad for Zoey.I often try to make sense of all she got hit with.Senseless really.Sorry,I so did not mean to rain on your beautiful post.When can we get together?

Jeanette said...

He is SOOOO precious!!! My little Sydney is only 6 months behind Reid in age. Someday we will be there too. BTW, I LOVE the music in the background of your blog. The song by Mark Schultz, "He's my son". ALWAYS makes me cry. Beautiful.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

I would love for you to add our blog to the labels on the Gifts books or wherever else it needs to be to help as many families as possible!!!!
Thank you!

Cleo said...

Reid is so cute!!!, his determination will help him meet all his milestones when he is ready. Cheri you are doing a great job :D

Kele said...

OMG, I am going to nab this little guy from you when I get the chance!!!
How wonderful that you are doing 'mommy and little guy' stuff. He looks like he is LOVING it!! Those are the best pictures, I see pure joy on his face!

Anonymous said...

Your boys are beautiful and you are amazing. Where do you find the time to put together a blog along with everything else? I wish we lived closer so Colby and Reid could hang out. I think they'd be buddies: that determination for starters!