Monday, August 8, 2011

I LUHH OO TOO = I Love You Too

One of the things that comes with Down syndrome is delayed speech... to be honest I cannot prattle off the medical reasoning for this, though I know I should, I've just always known to expect this and so we have had Reid in speech therapy since he was about 20 months old. As any of us traveling this road know the milestones our kids with Down syndrome achieve feel that much sweeter for us because we know it takes our kids a wee bit longer, so when Reid started to call me "Bob" at about 18 months....well, it was about the sweetest word I had ever heard! I loved finally being something..and "Bob" worked just fine!

Nowadays I am Mom... sometimes Momma, and quite often MOMMM!!! when he is in demand
of something! Yes, we have moved away from Bob, as bitter sweet as that is. But lately Reid has begun saying something else that takes the cake..... he has begun to respond to the words "I love you" with the sweetest sounding "I uhh oo too". Hello... melt me right there! Not only is he saying 4 words but the last one...the word too, means he gets that it is reciprocal, you know what I mean? That is huge to me... speech wise and cognitively!

Reid.... is a funny little guy, he just is, he has a personality that cracks you up whether it is with his quirky spontaneous dance moves, his silly facial expressions, or his quick get away after stealing one of Luke's prize possessions and never looking back as he books away. He is just plain funny I tell ya, so I can only imagine once he gets his words about him the funny things that he will say. I think I got a glimpse of it the other day.... I heard him putting the milk jug away in the fridge when I was in the other room and to himself mind you... and the milk jug apparently, he said, "Bye....see oo soon!" the milk jug! He stinkin told the milk jug he would see him/her soon! ...aghhhh, I love this kid!

Other common phrases that we hear around here on a daily basis from him are:

"Help you...." = Help me (with whatever task he is working on... or attempting and needs help with)

"I. Want. Ice. Keam" = I want ice cream... and all the while he is patting his chest and says each word slow and methodically, hence the periods in between each word.

"Ha...ha...I idea!!"= A-ha, I have an idea... while holding his little finger in the air and then he proceeds to show you what his idea is.... usually either ice cream in the freezer he wants you to get out for him or take you to the play room to find a new toy

And just last week Reid gathered all 4 of us in the kitchen and huddled us together.... then, proceeded to clasp his little hands together and said, "God. Ank you. Miss Katie. Sharwol. fwrends. Bodie. Mafwew. Amen." Holy toledo..... my heart swelled a hundred times its size! This guy all on his own decided we all needed to pray for his teachers from last year Miss Katie and Miss Sharyl, his friends, and especially his buddies Bodie and Matthew....

....It may indeed take awhile, but words will make their way to my son's mouth... he will say grand things one day! ....I just know it.

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Cory said...

I love Reid... That is all.

Becky said...

My daughter Kristen is about Reid's age. I cannot agree with you more. She is starting to pull phrases out of books and say them randomly. It is not only music to my ears because we have had to wait longer for speech to come, but she is also funny as well. Your Reid is adorable, and I think our journeys with them are certainly amazing and truly a gift from above! :)

my family said...

yes, williams speech has along way to go but some of the things he says cracks me up (he gets them from 3 big sisters) he says things like "oh no you didnt" of course with his finger shaking at us. He also says "gasp" when he is surprised. SOme of the thing he come up with is too much.

Becca said...

Ohmygoodness, melting here!!! Love. This. And I love these photos - he's just gorgeous!!

j*e*n said...

How sweet! Ainsley's speech is slow to come, too. She will give me a hug & say "wuv mom" for I love you, Mom. It's only going to get more fun as her brother & school friends encourage her.

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

awesome!!!! love the picture of you and reid at the end of this post, too!!!