Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the Tooth Fairy a Pinch!

Sooooo.... I must confess never been this desperate before but this is what the tooth fairy does around here in a pinch, if she has no cash on hand and one of her "littles" in her home has lost a tooth. The note below...a staple from a tooth fairy visit...she always leaves a personal note and it must always be cut into the shape of a tooth and securely placed under the pillow. Now, my 9 year old I am sure no longer believes in the tooth fairy but he let it be known when he did not receive a "tooth note" on one occasion when that poor tooth fairy was much too tired in the middle of the night to bang one of these babies out. .... but here goes tonight's version and we'll see in the morning how he reacts to the "gift card" LOL. My Luke is a very particular "tooth looser".... once that tooth fairy thought it would be really cool to have him wake up to $5 in quarters under his pillow, you know.... what kid would not like to wake up to a mound of change?? Well.... that particular endeavor backfired because he woke up the morning and marched right into our room and announced, "That's it, from now on I only accept bills....the tooth fairy ripped me off!!!" He insisted that she took the quarters from his dresser where he had left a stash of change he had been collecting.... but honestly she did not borrow any of his quarters, honest!! I.... I mean, she, had money that night! ;)


Dear Luke,

Wow, how exciting that

you lost your first molar all on

your own! I think your mouth

looks kinda cool with all those

gaps in them. For a 1st lost molar

I like to do something different

than the usual $5 under your pillow,

I like to buy the child breakfast….

so here is a Starbucks gift card,

I have been told that you like their

breakfast sausage sandwiches and

orange juice there, so go enjoy it

this morning on me. Be sure to

keep brushing and flossing your

teeth! I’m sure I’ll be back again

soon. Say hi to your brother for me.


The Tooth Fairy



Mel said...

Hehe! Just recently I was teaching in Ben's class and one of the children had lost a tooth the ight before. He informed me that the tooth fairy had not made it overnight as 'She must be busy'. I smiled to myself as the class of 7 year olds nodded in agreement, and didn't see anyone looking sceptical among them. One little girl, Rosie, was nodding extra hard, as I happen to know her mum (who has 4 children) forgot 2 nights in a row last year!

Cory said...

So cute!

Nan P. said...

That message from the Tooth Fairy is so nice. How did he react? Was he happy with the "brekkie gift" itself?

P said...

Love that note!!! We like to keep our teeth so we leave a note asking if we can keep it and get a note in return that is in yellow HIGHLIGHTER trying to write (poorly) in a fairy-like-ish script. I have girls who love fairies so its Tinkerbell-esque.Of course she understands about the saving it cause she loves to keep teeth too.

She did forget once but my daughter did not say anything so we did it the next night. She is eight now but only has lost about five teeth and says nothing unless I ask her. Not sure if she is wondering or what.

My five year old says it's a tooth mouse cause our summer in Cape Town had a cool store with miniatures painted gold to hold teeth that had a mouse on them--I think for the boys but we got some cause they are really cute! She hasn't lost any yet and 8 yr old didnt until she was almost seven, right before we left for home on that trip to Cape Town.

Liz Tree said...

HI! Just found your blog!!! I am racing through it as Jaime is in the shower with his dad and the dinner... you know! I am struck by some of our similarities, is that a word? I have two beautiful blond Boys: Milo, 11 years old a "typically developing" baseball player and superb older brother to Jaime, 3 and a half, Down syndrome, awesome kid!
I am excited to have some time to read your blog and did glance at the page where your child turned four and the words came poring out!!! I feel that is about to happen for Jaime too!!!
Thanks for posting.