Saturday, March 5, 2011

Revisiting The Glasses Topic (New Resources)

I have been wanting to re-visit the whole "getting glasses" issue since I first posted about Reid needing them in August. In that post, found here, about how we introduced Reid to his new glasses I mentioned that we had bought several books that we had read over and over again to help set the stage while we were waiting for his glasses to be made. I have meant to share what books we bought on wearing glasses... but since that post I learned of a fabulous....FABULOUS resource for families embarking on the "glasses road" and wanted to draw your attention to them and their list of books...because their list is even more comprehensive than mine. The site is called Little Four Eyes.... isn't that cute? Pop on over and check them out.... there is a lot of information over there...including information on various eye issues your child might have.

As for Reid, I have had people ask how he is doing with them....and honestly besides the fact that he chucked them out the window while we were driving down the road.... and us watching in horror as car after car behind us ran over them... and then upon retrieving them discovering that they now look like they have been chewed and gnawed on by 10 wild animals... they're going great! He does not give us grief about putting them on and keeping them on and is very active in them, in fact there isn't anything he doesn't do in them... proof below ;)

Well, first off he's a pretty scholarly preschooler in them.

He can "show and tell" pictures of his best brother Luke in them.

He can play a pretty good "goofy pilgrim" in them.

He can sing you Love Me Tender as well as show off some pretty snazzy dance moves in them.

He can oversee your construction project or your home renovation in them.

There "aint nuttin" he can't climb in them.

He can throw a mean fast ball in them.

He can bowl strikes in them.

He can even sleep like a baby in them.... anytime, anywhere.

Check "Little Four Eyes" out.... my original post is being featured over there right now which is kinda fun.

*For those wondering, Reid's glasses are the Miraflex brand
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Adrienne said...

Oh my, he is just too cute!! That Elvis outfit is adorable! I bet his teachers just eat him up!!!

my family said...

what a cutie pie

Anonymous said...

oh how precious, keep taking creative pictures.. never lose those.

Monica said...

Oh My Gosh! Those pictures are so adorable!!! Elvis? Baseball player? Scholar? If I didn't have my hands full with 5, I'd come steal him away ;-) He has such a great smile and the glasses are classic!

patsy said...

reid is such a cutie....LOVE him as elvis :)

Jenna said...

Hi Reid
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. You are an inspiration and all smiles. I love your glasses. I was born with a rare life threatening disease.
i love it when others sign my guestbook or email me.

Nan P. said...

I agree with all the other comments, he is so cute. I especially love the hard-hat-construction-demolition photo. It's just great he took to them so easily, he must understand the difference they make to his life :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheri! Those are great pictures, he looks so cute in his glasses.

Ms. Morgan said...

I stumbled across your blog when clicking Blogger's "Next Blog". Thank you, your family and especially Reid for being such amazing examples that just because a family/child has "special needs" doesn't mean they aren't still a regular "typical" child. I have had a few very special people in my life with various levels of special needs and it's people like you who make life easier.

PS. I don't know which is my favorite picture. Reid as a fireman or as Elvis! Either way he's an beautiful and adorable child.

Anonymous said...

soo cute! is he wearing a wig in the elvis photo?