Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Greatest Prom Date Ever... ( a must see)

If you have not seen this yet, please take a few minutes to view this video of this very cool story, it is absolutely worth it....I hope Reid is surrounded by this kind of love from his school mates!! When you click on the link it will take you to the article, but then look for the "videos" tab and click and you will now be able to see this sweet video.

**You will also want to pause my music at the bottom before hoping over to the link.



Wren said...

AMAZING!!! I love how proud he looked in all of the pictures...what a great uplifting story. Thank you for sharing!

Nan P. said...

In a way, we shouldn't be in awe of this. Because this is the type of attitude toward each other that SHOULD be the norm. But is is always???

It's up to everyone of us to make sure it does become the norm, by educating, again, and again, and again.

Thank you Cheri for this little ray of hope. :-)

Andrea said...

There are so many wonderful people in this world...I think she is one amazing girl. Her parents did something so right! That made my heart smile!