Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Sweet Baby Reid...Is Now 3

Little sweet, sweet baby are now 3 and such a big boy! You give us daily snuggles, daily giggles, and our daily fill of love. We love you so much!

At three you can do so many things...
  • You can run and jump off two feet
  • You go to preschool and love to learn new songs
  • You love to play Patty Cake and we love to watch you try and do all the motions...we take turns asking you to make one for each of us. The words you can say are pat, roll, and you say the name of who you are giving it to....we love it, I especially love to hear..."Paattt....wwollll....Maaaamaaa" and you point to me with a huge grin on your face
  • You love baseball and whenever we pass by the baseball field you say, "baball" and then give a loud, "yayyyy!" while clapping...not sure who you are clapping for but we love your enthusiasm :)
  • You love to play the Wii....and you make all the sound effects you feel are appropriate for each game
  • You have a silly side to you and pretend to be asleep when I get you out of the car seat but then after a few seconds you open your eyes, look over at me, and giggle the best little giggle
  • You LOVE, LOVE your big brother Luke and continue to call him "Da"... I have a feeling Luke would not mind if you always called him Da...he loves it and loves you so much!
  • You have a soft and sensitive side and come to give hugs when you think someone is hurt. You say "oh, no, oh no" in the sweetest most concerned voice until a kiss has been given by you to the one hurt
  • You love music and entertain us with your cool dance moves. We turn on different music stations just to watch you change up your moves to the different rhythm you are so funny!
  • You are a book fanatic and love looking through them and cracking yourself up with the pictures
  • You are a flirt and melt people with your smile that lights up your whole face
  • When you wake up in the morning you go right to the fridge and fling it wide open saying.."Baaaa..." (that's what you call your sippy cup)
  • You love to play the drums with my egg beater, spatulas, mixing spoons and anything else you can reach out of the drawer and daily bang the floor, the oven, the chairs...and whatever stands still long enough to be banged on
  • You love cookies....I mean LOVE cookies!! ..and you have made up your own "sign" for cookie by putting your fingers up to your mouth and saying "num, num, num" real fast like cookie monster does. In love cookies so much that this year I decided cookies and ice cream were in order rather than cake, so on 12/28/09....special birthday cookies were made for you!
Reider Peter Punkin Eater.....we have loved loving you the past three years!!!!!

I love how my boys look like..."Mom, come on with it....light the candles ALREADY!!!" lol




Junior said...

Happy Birthday Reid, hope you had the best day ever.

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness he sounds like such a sweet boy!!! Hope you had a great birthday Reid!!

Heather said...

What a beautiful 3 year old boy you are Reid!Cannot wait to see you again and give you a big squeeze and Miss Zoey can give you a big slobbery kiss!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Happy Birthday buddy!!

Kelly said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Reid! Look at all that you can do! It's a new year with lots of new things waiting for you to discover! Get out there and show the world what you got:)

Cheri, thank you so much for allowing us all to travel beside you on this wonderful journey. It's so inspiring! Reading these blogs give me so much hope for Landon's future!

Heidi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Reid!! What a sweet boy!

Kele said...

Awww Reid!
Happy HAPPY Birthday love!
You are so unbelievably precious and I have enjoyed watching you grow this past year and soooooo look forward to all the years ahead that I am lucky enough to peek in on your fabulous and amazing little self!!
We love you,
The Giles Family!

Sharon said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Reid!!!!!

Michelle said...

happy belated birthday to Reid! and what a great recap!