Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Great New DS Website...Created by a DAD

This morning I learned of a great new website created by a dad...for the Down syndrome community called Down Town- Down Syndrome News/Info. The creator, Daniel Niblock has a beautiful little boy, Ozzie, born last July, and a darling little girl. It is refreshing to me, as well as educational, to hear tales from a father's perspective when it relates to our little ones. I enjoyed reading from his blog as well, Down With Oz. While perusing his "Excellent Links" husband Toby came across the site Dad's Appreciating Down Syndrome  and liked what he saw. I have added both sites to my Down Syndrome Resources. 

Dan... and to all the other dads out there championing for your children with Down syndrome...THANK YOU. What a beautiful thing!


DownTownDan said...

Thanks Cheri. I actually haven't contacted D.A.D.S. yet. A friend alerted me to that organization, and I think it in theory it could be neat, but I just haven't felt ready to reach out to them. It is weird that more DS dads don't have blogs and stuff. I feel a little bit lonely - the only guy in a big girl's club.


Cheri said...

Hi is a blog I think you might like, written by a dad in Ireland. He has a little girl that just turned one

It is amazing how our children's extra chromosome connect us with "strangers" from all over the world and yet not feel like strangers at all...

So glad to have "met" you and Ozzie! :)

Kele said...

Thanks Cheri, I can't wait to forward this to Mike so we can both check it out!
Love you guys!