Saturday, March 21, 2009

21 Quotes by 21 People with Trisomy 21 on What It's Like to Have Down Syndrome

In celebration of World Down Syndrome Day, which is today March 21st... The Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles has sent 21 emails beginning March 1st, presenting 21 emails for 21 days with 21 quotes by 21 people with Trisomy 21 on what it's like to have Down syndrome. Below is the culmination of all 21 quotes... enjoy! :) 

"It [Down Syndrome] makes me feel special. I feel good inside." By: Christine Young (36)

"Having Down syndrome is cool because I can play any sport I want in Special Olympics with my best friends." By: Jared Kozak (19)

"It [Down syndrome] makes me an excellent photographer, I can make money as an actor, I have lots of friends and have been Susie's boy friend for 5 years on Wednesday, April 1st. I can get married like Corky and Amanda on 'Life Goes On' [television show]."
By" Blair "B" Williamson (29)

"Down syndrome is in the genes,
but not these jeans."
By: Shannon Dieriex (24) 

"I can be very independent and I love to cook."
By: Jasmine Banayan (20)

"I love my living situation and love being with my apartment mates."
By: Patrick Ziegler (25) 

"I am proud to be me and I love my mom and dad and I love all my friends with Down syndrome. Thank you for being kind to us." 
By: Adinan Schreck (19) 

"Down syndrome is something you are born with. You can't take it away from yourself. I'll always be a little slow and need help with my reading but I am still a person with feelings."
By: Robin Trocki (52 years young)

"Since I have Down syndrome I can teach my big brother how to work harder and never quit."
By: Eden Rapp (12)

"I feel like I'm enjoying myself. I feel like I could fly. I'd like to meet a girlfriend."
By: Kevin Ewing (28)

"I love myself! I love my life! I'm very happy! I love 'Born to Act Players.' the acting group my mom started for me. Up with Down's!"
By: Casey Rings Powell (28)

"Mommie, sit"
By: Leo Woodrum (5) 
Leo's mom, Gina Vivona needs to sit sometimes. She is the President of the DSALA Board of Directors and the author/producer of an audio book called Kazmir, The Flying Camel

"I love living in my apartment with my roommate."
By: Andrea Hall (32)

"I don't think about my Down syndrome. I think about my ability. I have family and friends and things I do. I'm just like everyone else.
By: Chris Burke (43)
of "Life Goes On"

"I like meeting other friends with Down syndrome because we have a lot in common."
By: Lauren Potter (18) 

"I am fine and happy having Down syndrome. I like to learn stuff at Mrs. Brown's House like reading, writing and having fun too. I am also learning to be a teacher."
By: Elizabeth Beutel (11) 

"I go to A.R.C. I am Down syndrome. Yes, I play tennis everyday, I have been doing it all the time, a long time.
Deborah Henrikson (44)

"Down syndrome makes me special among my friends and family. I love to sing and dance with my NY Friends. I will be an actor one day. I love my dog Roxy."
Parth Bharat (19)

"I do it!"
By: Eliza Widdicombe (8 years old today 3/19)

"I can get a lot of money if I sell my extra chromosome on eBay. I don't need it anymore." 
By: Graham Sheldon (23 today 3/20)

"Having Down syndrome means nothing to me, I'm special like everyone else. I do not let people judge me for having Down syndrome. The important thing is how I feel about myself. On the inside, I feel beautiful."
By: Edward Barbanell (31)
(Billy in "The Ringer") 


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Those were great! The comment about selling his extra chromosome on ebay cracked me up!

Nan P. said...

Thank you Cheri for these quotes, some made me smile, and some brought a lot of emotions in me.

My favourite? "Down syndrome is in the genes,but not these jeans." That is so cool, so funny, yet so bloody true. You can read a lot in this, and it could be used to educate a few people I know!

SunflowerMom said...

love those!

Kele said...

That brought tears to my eyes... I LOVED IT! Thank you so much for sharing it Cheri!
My favorite is Graham Sheldon's, him saying he doesn't need his extra chromosome and could sell it on ebay is a riot, I might have to put that one on my blog!!

Michelle said...

Well done Cheri...I LOVED that so much! Oh we are so blessed aren't we! Reids smile just melts my heart...give him a big hug!!!

Mel said...

Thanks for sharing Cheri- I loved the one about ebay! We could use some extra cash around here!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Love this!!!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

I'm so sad I didn't connect with you before we went and we could have met up! Next time for sure!!!! How fun would that be to plan a Disney adventure with the boys :)!!!

Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

These are great! You have such a handsome little guy. Could be a brother to my John Michael... well, at least they're brothers in extra chromosomes :-)

Kristen said...

Hello! I saw your comment on Adrienne's blog about the expression about brushing teeth. UCL does have a few expressions about brushing, but you could also do a custom expression with your own font, size, and color of your choice. You can go to my website at to look through the online catalog or create your own expression (which Adrienne did for her monogram).

I also read through the quotes...I actually know Eden Rapp and her brother. Small world.

Anonymous said...

these are awsome quotes. (: i would love too hear more, i'm going to be using some of these in my speech for my 8th grade english class. (quoted by you)
thank you all sooooo much,

Dayna Chandler said...

Reid is adorable and looks a lot like my son, Luke who is 4.
I'd love to add his pix to my website:
I added a link to your blog a while ago. Would love for you to list my website as a resource for new parents. Blessings!

Mark said...

I love your blog site. I know Reid fills your heart with joy. I can tell by the pictures. I have a nine year old daughter with down syndrome. I tell her repeatedly that she makes my heart happy! Of course I melt when she says, "I love you daddy".

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful, My daughter has DS and as I find these inspirational things, I love knowing I'm not alone