Friday, February 13, 2009

100th Day of School!

This last week Luke's school celebrated their 100th day of school. They needed to bring in a project featuring 100 items... and Luke decided he wanted to bring in 100 wiggly eyes. The kids did such a great job...I posted a picture from the display board in their classroom of all the creative ideas! 100 days of school....can hardly believe that many have passed! 100 days of..."Did you brush your teeth??"..."Where is your backpack??"..."Put your shoes on!!"..."Come on, let's go"....but also of  "bye Bubs, see you at 3:00!"..."I love you Buddy!"...and "Have a good day!"


Junior said...

what a great idea for the 100th day of school, love all the googly eyes.
Hugs, Heidi & Junior

Judy said...

Awww Cheri....each school year goes by too fast. I remember thinking that school years dragged on and on when I was that I'm a mom, I realize how fast they go by. Luke looks so grown up :)